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Connected Patient Report

We asked more than 2,000 Americans how they currently connect with healthcare providers. Their answers may surprise you. •        Learn why 62% of patients think wearable data might save them money •    ... Download white paper

Empowering Patients As Care Partners: A Complete Guide to Building Targeted Mobile Apps

It’s no longer enough to build a generic app for your healthcare system; consumers expect specific apps targeted to their needs at each turn in their patient journey. By identifying and capturing your patients’ mobile moments you... Download white paper

Infographic: Hospital Access and Wayfinding Apps

Improve patient experience before they ever walk through the door with a dynamic, blue-dot mobile wayfinding app. Make their journey through your healthcare system simple and straightforward, reducing stress and establishing a positive relationship... Download white paper

Infographic: Physician Referral App Solution

With fewer than half of all referrals ever reaching the referred to clinic, referral management is key to managing population health and improving patient experience, outcomes, and volume. Download white paper

Infographic: Hospital Access App

Improving the patient experience begins before they ever walk through the door. With a Hospital Access mobile app, you have the opportunity to reduce anxiety, improve accessibility and patient outcomes, and maximize internal resources while increasing... Download white paper

Found: A Flexible Solution for Hospital Wayfinding and Asset Tracking

How much equipment has rolled right out your door? With sprawling campuses, bustling hallways, and equipment that’s designed to be mobile, hospitals are prime candidates for asset loss and theft. The kicker: hospital assets are expensive. But... Download white paper

12 Apps to Transform Patient Engagement

In this webinar, you’ll discover 12 app ideas hospitals are implementing right now to engage patients. What we will cover: Creating a strategy for engaging patients using targeted mobile apps How Blueprints are helping hospitals quickly... View webcast

Eight Reasons Secure Texting Alone Is Not Enough

Secure texting is important, but communication needs in healthcare have evolved well beyond just texting. Staff need information from dozens of systems to deliver excellent, timely patient care. Download white paper

The 2017 Hospital’s Guide to Secure Mobile Messaging Success

Secure mobile messaging success requires careful alignment among mobile strategies, security initiatives, and the communications ecosystem. The most successful implementations come from planning teams that include members from each of these areas... Download white paper

The Healthcare CIO Perspective on Supporting Clinical Workflows

In this survey designed specifically for healthcare CIOs and administered by CHIME, more than 100 IT leaders revealed the business goals behind their mobile workflow investments. CIOs responded to questions about their big-picture goals, the... Download white paper

SPOK’s Fifth Annual Mobility Strategies in Healthcare Survey: Results Revealed

Mobility is the future of healthcare communications, though the particulars of that future remain in flux. Now in its fifth year, Spok’s annual Mobility in Healthcare Survey is starting to reveal some longer-term trends in addition to annual... Download white paper

How Mobile Apps can Reduce Preventable Readmissions

This year, readmission penalties will hit 2,610 hospitals across the US, with the maximum 3 percent penalty applying to 39 organizations – up from 2 percent maximum applied to 18 hospitals in 2013. Scrambling to reduce readmissions,... Download white paper

Patient-Centered Care, One App At a Time

More and more healthcare providers are realizing that patients are customers, and healthcare services should be marketed and tailored to their specific needs at each turn in their patient journey. Insurance payments are increasingly linked to... Download white paper

Building a Cost Effective Mobile Wayfinding App

Download this whitepaper and readers will learn about critical factors when building a cost-effective mobile wayfinding app, including:  The current state of mobile wayfinding How becons and geofencing work in wayfinding apps How you can... Download white paper

Leveraging Mobile Apps to Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding

As the nation’s Emergency Departments are bursting at the seams, hospital leaders are asking: How can mobile apps help reduce ER overcrowding and boost patient satisfaction? This whitepaper presents the latest research on the most efficient... Download white paper

Case Study: Vigilias Expands Telehealth to Rural Communities

Sponsored by: Ambra Health Vigilias was founded in 2014 to provide modern communication technology to both rural hospitals and providers to offer their patients local access to care that once required a long trip to a major city. Challenges arose... Download white paper

Pagers vs. Smart Phones: myths, realities and why now is the best time to switch

How many times have you heard that joke inside your hospital? Despite the fact that it’s 2016 and communication technology has advanced way past basic pagers, many hospitals believe that pagers provide an “insurance policy”... View webcast

12 Hospital Apps for Quick ROI

As healthcare costs keep climbing, hospital CEOs, CFOs, clinicians, and marketers increasingly question the value of their organizations’ mobile initiatives. The million-dollar question now is, where is the ROI?  How... Download white paper

How Hospitals can Avoid the Biggest Healthcare Communications Mistake

Many healthcare organizations struggle with delayed patient care, frustrated providers, and potential HIPAA breaches as a result of their outdated paging systems, which often rely on one-directional, unencrypted messaging for communications. ... Download white paper

Putting a Price on Telehealth

It’s not always easy to determine the value of a telehealth program, particularly when everyone involved has a different definition of ROI. The patient may be focusing on lower costs and more convenience, while the doctor is looking at... View webcast

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