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Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Denmark Leads in European Mobile Health Market

by Vera Gruessner

The mobile health market will be growing across the globe over the next several years, as it is expected to reach $32 billion by 2019. The US is not the only country leading in mobile health adoption, as Denmark is a leading nation in Europe...

Mobile Health Technology Cuts Hospital Readmission Rates

by Vera Gruessner

One issue that healthcare providers have seen in the clinical space that’s caused worse health outcomes is the lack of medication adherence among patients. While electronic prescribing may lead to fewer medical errors among pharmacies and...

HIMSS15 mHealth Survey Shows Struggle, Commitment to Mobile

by Jennifer Bresnick

Healthcare organizations are eager to embrace mHealth as an effective and cost-saving patient engagement strategy, finds the 2015 HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey, but many providers continue to struggle with implementing technologies that...

A Preview of mHealth and Telemedicine Sessions at HIMSS15

by Ryan Mcaskill

With HIMSS 2015 right around the corner, those attending need to take the time to look through the numerous educational sessions that are available to figure out which one best meet their interests. Here, you will be able to find a recap of the...

Quality Broadband an Important Tool for mHealth

by Ryan Mcaskill

Some of the most followed news in the healthcare industry is new legislation being debated across the country that focuses on telehealth reimbursement and expanding or limiting the services allowed. Positive outcomes to these bills will help...

Mobile Health at ‘Interesting Inflection Point’

by Ryan Mcaskill

There is no question that mobile technology is making a splash in the healthcare field. However, despite the popularity, there are a number of barriers to widespread adoption. In an interview with, Harry Greenspun, the...

Mobile Application Testing a Challenge in Healthcare

by Ryan Mcaskill

When it comes to mobile applications, the testing period is one of the most crucial. Launching an app that is not complete or filled with bugs is the fastest ways to ruin the reputation of an app and the company behind it. However, there is a...

Patients Embrace Mobile Devices in the Exam Room

by Ryan Mcaskill

When it comes to the adoption of mobile devices in the healthcare field, one of the major hurdles is changing patient and physician opinion. As with any overhaul of standard operating procedure, it takes engagement by the end user for it to truly...

FCC, FDA Hosting Public Workshop on mHealth

by Ryan Mcaskill

Today, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are hosting a day long gathering to talk about wireless mobile health technology. This is an important public event as the two organizations have...

Multiple mHealth Markets set to Experience Growth

by Ryan Mcaskill

There are a number of aspects to the mobile health marketplace that are showing growth and point to the strong future of the industry. The push for quality of care has opened the door for innovation with mobile, telemedicine and remote monitoring...

Telecommunication Companies Back mHealth Solutions

by Ryan Mcaskill

Many telecommunication service providers are getting on board the push for mobile health solutions. This is not surprising. As leaders in the industry, many users are turning toward them for help and with demand skyrocketing, it makes smart business...

Mobile Health Brings a Number of Challenges

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new study examined the top healthcare industry challenges and mHealth is well represented. It is clear to anyone in the healthcare industry that things are changing. New technology is pushing the landscape in different directions but there...

Study Finds Patient Engagement Opportunities High With mHealth

by Ryan Mcaskill

Seventy-two percent of healthcare professionals believe mobile apps can improve patient responsibility. The impact of mobile technology on healthcare is happening in a number of ways. One way that could have the biggest effect of overall health...

Changing Communication Key to Updating Healthcare

by Ryan Mcaskill

In an interview, Dr. Vince Friedewald spoke about the changes in heathcare and how mobile devices factor in. There are a number of ways that mobile devices are impacting the healthcare world. Not only are they helping at the point of care, but...

The Challenges of BYOD Stretch Beyond Security

by Ryan Mcaskill

With 85 percent of US healthcare professionals using their own devices, hospitals need to ensure that they are prepared. In the business landscape, bring-your-own-device approaches are gaining steam because of the benefits it brings to the table....

Apple ResearchKit Experiences Success After One Day

by Ryan Mcaskill

One new program through ResearchKit gained 11,000 participants in 24 hours, which normally takes up to a year. Last week, Apple held its “Spring Forward” press event. While the internet jumped all over the Apple Watch and New MacBook...

Mobile Access Increases Health Insurance Satisfaction

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new study found the ability to access health insurance information through a mobile app increases patient satisfaction. When it comes to mobile devices in healthcare, the prevailing thought is using them during treatment or for data collection...

Coordinated Data Sharing Among Devices Save Time, Money

by Ryan Mcaskill

A nurses survey found lack of data share among devices leads to medical errors, wasted time and redundant tests. The “Internet of Things” is slowly creating a more futuristic version of the world. This is the process by which devices...

Global mHealth Market to Reach $49.12B by 2020

by Ryan Mcaskill

According to a new forecast, the global mobile health landscape is set to increase by a CAGR of 47.6 percent. The mobile health marketplace is expanding and as smartphones and tablets mature, it is going to gain steam. There are hundreds of millions...

Apple Turns iPhones into Diagnostic Tools with ResearchKit

by Ryan Mcaskill

At its press event, Apple unveiled ResearchKit, a software framework designed for medical researchers. Today, Apple held a product keynote announcement. Going in, the belief was that the “Spring Forward” event would focus primarily...


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