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Massachusetts Drops Parity from Telemedicine Reimbursement Bill

by Eric Wicklund

Massachusetts legislators are debating telemedicine legislation that would, among other things, give insurers leeway to negotiate reimbursement rates - or not reimburse at all. A reworked bill recently issued by the commonwealth’s Joint...

Arkansas Telemedicine Law Faces Flak Over ‘Originating Site’ Issue

by Eric Wicklund

New telemedicine regulations in Arkansas are facing questions over where a patient has to be to have a virtual visit with a doctor. Executives of Wal-Mart and national trucking company J.B. Hunt say the new law, which is expected to be approved...

AMA Approves Ethical Guidelines for Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

After three years of discussion and a year of delays, the American Medical Association has signaled its support of telehealth. The 230,000-member organization “overwhelmingly” approved a set of guidelines for the ethical practice...

Arkansas Telemedicine Proposal a ‘Good Compromise’

by Eric Wicklund

A proposal to allow telemedicine encounters between a doctor and a new patient are headed to the Arkansas state legislature – although a last-minute amendment could keep one of the nation’s largest telehealth vendors out of the loop....

AMA Tries Again to Set Telemedicine Ethics

by Eric Wicklund

The American Medical Association is once again ready to wade into telemedicine ethics. After punting the issue last June and again in November, the AMA’s House of Delegates will begin debate this weekend on guidelines that define “the...

Could the Texas Telehealth Battle Be Ready for a Truce?

by Eric Wicklund

One of the nation’s most contentious telehealth battlegrounds might be looking for a truce. News reports out of Texas say medical groups and telehealth advocates have met behind closed doors to discuss a possible compromise to the state’s...

Letter: Telemedicine’s Value to Medicare Has Been Proven

by Eric Wicklund

A who’s who of telemedicine advocates is urging those in charge of the federal purse strings to be more creative in assessing the technology’s benefits on Medicare. In a brief letter to the Congressional Budget Office and the Medicare...

Is Telehealth Ready for Its Day in Court?

by Eric Wicklund

That next new telehealth program had better include a lawyer in the planning stages. Faced with the fear of a rapidly evolving industry that isn’t keeping up with its legal requirements, the American Bar Association stepped up its presence...

Arkansas May Loosen Telemedicine Restrictions

by Eric Wicklund

One of the last states to restrict initial telemedicine encounters may be changing its tune. The Arkansas Board of Medicine is eyeing an amendment to its current codes that would, if approved, allow a physician to establish a valid relationship...

Analyzing Telemental Health: 50 States, 50 Policies

by Eric Wicklund

Mental health providers have long seen telehealth as a much-needed solution to dealing with the nation’s growing numbers of people with behavioral issues. Now a national healthcare law firm has published a state-by-state guide to telemental...

Project ECHO Poised to Become a National Telehealth Model

by Eric Wicklund

A ground-breaking telehealth project launched in 2011 to push hub-and-spoke videoconferencing platforms out to rural providers may become a national initiative. Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) have introduced the Expanding...

In-State Telehealth Restrictions May Soon Be Eliminated

by Eric Wicklund

The last two states to severely hinder out-of-state telemedicine companies from operating within their borders may soon be changing their ways. While legislation eliminating certain telemedicine barriers breezed through Alaska’s House and...

AHA Gives Telehealth Its Own Web Page

by Eric Wicklund

The American Hospital Association has launched an online resource on local, state and national telehealth programs. From emergency department care to remote patient monitoring for chronic care management and access to care from specialists, telehealth...

Alaska May Open its Doors to Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

Alaska lawmakers are uniting behind a bill that would, for the first time, enable the state’s Medicaid participants to access telemedicine services from out-of-state providers. SB 74 “could be a major change that will affect the entire...

9 Connected Health Recommendations to Help Seniors Aging in Place

by Eric Wicklund

A White House advisory council is calling on the federal government to support connected health technologies and platforms for America’s aging population. The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), in an...

Telehealth Gains Favor in Florida

by Eric Wicklund

Count Florida among the states embracing telemedicine, though the move toward reimbursement parity may take a few years. The Sunshine State’s House and Senate recently passed legislation – almost unanimously in both chambers –...

Texas Board’s Ruling is a Victory for Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth’s value to mental health counseling scored an important victory last week when a Texas regulatory board shot down new restrictions to distance counseling. In a case closely watched in dozens of states and at the national level,...

Telemedicine-based Prescriptions Gain Favor in Indiana

by Eric Wicklund

Indiana lawmakers are moving forward with legislation that would allow healthcare providers to prescribe via telemedicine. House Bill 1263, submitted on Jan. 11, passed last week by a healthy 74-24 vote, and now faces Senate scrutiny. If enacted,...

DoD Expands Telemedicine Access for Military, Families

by Eric Wicklund

The Military Health System is adding telemedicine to its arsenal of healthcare services for the nation’s military members and their families. In a memorandum issued earlier this month, Jonathan Woodson, MD, the Assistant Secretary of Defense...

Telehealth Tussle in Mississippi Takes a New Turn

by Eric Wicklund

A dispute between the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure and Teladoc is heating up, thanks to proposed legislation that would negate the board’s year-long effort to place restrictions on certain telehealth consults. The state board...


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