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96 Percent of Patients Think mHealth will Improve Life


At the HIMSS15 Annual Conference and Exhibition, mobile health will take center stage, as healthcare IT experts will discuss the impacts of mobile health on costs as well as the quality and delivery of care.  Participants will be able to...

Remote Monitoring Pushing Healthcare IoT Trends


The Internet of Things increased use of remote monitoring technology in the healthcare market. One of the major side-effects of the growing use of mobile devices in healthcare is the demand for connected devices. The draw of mobility is the ability...

Why Accuracy is Important for Remote Monitoring


Wearable and mobile technology is creating mountains of patient data, but is it actually helpful? The idea of wearable technology in healthcare is simple. Patients wear a device - bracelet, watch, ring, contact lens, special shirt - that has...

Remote Monitoring Works In and Out of the Hospital


Health facilities are using remote monitoring technology to watch patients at home and in the hospital. The use of remote monitoring technology within the healthcare field can take several different forms. One of the more common uses is through...

Remote Monitoring Becoming a Larger Part of Healthcare


The use of remote monitoring technology is growing across the healthcare industry. As mobile devices become more sophisticated, the quality of services available grow and these devices can become main tools in improving the quality of care. Two...


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