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Abortion-by-Telemedicine Pilot Launches in 4 States


A first-of-its-kind telemedicine abortion pilot has begun in four states, giving women an opportunity to receive their medications by mail and speak with a doctor from their own home. The project, developed by New York-based Gynuity Health Services,...

Is Anyone Taking mHealth Seriously?


Maybe consumers aren’t mad enough to want mHealth. That might explain, in part, why almost 40 percent of consumers in a recent HealthMine survey said they don’t know what telemedicine is – yet 93 percent of the respondents who...

mHealth Becomes a Valuable Tool in the Battle Against Suicide


A Colorado-based healthcare provider that helps teenagers and young adults taking antidepressant drugs is turning to mHealth to help them avoid dangerous side-effects. Sundance Diagnostics uses a two-pronged approach, combining a precision medicine...

Survey: Telemedicine Helps the Patient More Than the Provider


Health systems across the country are turning to telemedicine to improve patient outcomes, access and satisfaction – but they’re still having trouble profiting from it. That’s one of the key takeaways of the “2016 U.S....

Using mHealth to Create A ‘Panoramic View’ of Substance Abuse


Healthcare providers often look at connected health technology as the key to enforcing behavior change, if they could just figure out how to use it. Nowhere is that more important than in addiction recovery, where behaviors can be life-threatening....

Telemedicine Takes the Lead in Child Abuse Detection


Healthcare providers are turning to telemedicine to tackle one of their most difficult tasks: identifying a victim of child abuse or neglect. Many of these cases show up in hospital ERs, doctor’s offices or clinics where doctors and nurses...

How Telemedicine Saved One VA Hospital $64K A Year


A rural New England VA hospital is saving roughly $64,000 a year in travel costs through telemedicine, according to a recent study. That figure makes up less than 4 percent of the total travel budget of the VA Hospital in White River Junction,...

Telemedicine Still Isn’t Winning Hearts and Minds


More than half of the respondents in a new survey say they wouldn’t use telemedicine, either because they don’t trust the technology or they prefer an in-person visit. Yet more than 90 percent of those who have used telemedicine say...

Telehealth Gains Favor in Florida


Count Florida among the states embracing telemedicine, though the move toward reimbursement parity may take a few years. The Sunshine State’s House and Senate recently passed legislation – almost unanimously in both chambers –...

Has Telemedicine Proven its Value?


Does telemedicine increase healthcare costs rather than reducing them? A recent meeting of the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee raised that question, during a discussion of why more doctors aren’t using the technology. One theory is...

Interstate Licensing Problematic for Telemedicine Market


The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact may be a way for private organizations to use telemedicine as a financial gain rather than a method for providing quality patient care, according to a press release by the Association of American Physicians...

A Successful Lesson Plan for School-Based Telehealth


A Texas-based health system is seeking strong success in a small school-based telehealth program by following one simple rule: “Don’t have a hammer and go searching for a nail.” In other words, says S. Luke Webster, MD, vice...

Do Retail Clinics Actually Increase Healthcare Costs?


A new study questions whether retail clinics are driving up healthcare costs – and perhaps even creating a nation of wimps. The study, by the RAND Corporation, found that consumers with low-severity illnesses who had access to a retail...

mHealth Shows its Maturity at HIMSS16


The 2016 HIMSS Conference and Exhibition may well be remembered for what didn’t happen than what did happen. After a week’s worth of keynotes, education sessions, crowded exhibit halls, cocktail parties and Elvis impersonators, it...

Texas Board’s Ruling is a Victory for Telehealth


Telehealth’s value to mental health counseling scored an important victory last week when a Texas regulatory board shot down new restrictions to distance counseling. In a case closely watched in dozens of states and at the national level,...

HIMSS Survey: Providers Are Ready to Embrace Connected Health


More than half of the hospitals recently surveyed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) are using at least three different kinds of connected health technology, and roughly half say they expect to do more with mHealth...

HIMSS Set to Shine the Spotlight on Telehealth


When WebMD CEO David Schlanger mentioned this month that the online media and information company was looking at the telehealth space, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. The company has hinted at such a move for a few years. But a lot...

Army Telemedicine Pilot Targets a Familiar Pain Point: The ER


The U.S. Army is testing a telemedicine platform that connects non-urgent ER visitors in a Kentucky hospital with doctors at another hospital some 445 miles away. The project, launched on Feb. 2, aims to reduce wait times at Blanchfield Army...

Making the Most Out of Telehealth


mHealth programs are like chocolates or presidential candidates – no two are alike, and some might look great on the outside but fall short of expectations. That’s why a healthcare provider looking to make that jump needs to look...

Saving Lives With Telestroke Care


Telemedicine might still be struggling to gain acceptance in healthcare circles, but one particular platform is proving its value. Five years ago, someone suffering a stroke in the tiny Mississippi community of Kosciusko would face an uphill...


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