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FDA OKs mHealth Version of Neurorehabilitation Therapy Platform

The FDA has approved for US distribution a digital health-based neurorehabilitation therapy program that uses gamification to improve patient engagement. The new mHealth version is designed for outpatient settings.

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By Eric Wicklund

- Federal regulators have approved a mobile health version of a neurorehabilitation therapy system that uses gamification to motivate patients undergoing therapy.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given its OK for US distribution of the MindMotion GO, developed by the Swiss firm MindMaze. The digital health platform is a mobile version of the company’s MindMotion PRO, which received FDA approval in May 2017 as a treatment for people suffering from strokes and other traumatic brain injuries.

“Our work at the forefront of neuroscience and virtual reality allows patients to recover faster and return more fully to the life they lived before injury,” MindMaze founder and CEO Tej Tadi told Pharmaphorum last year. “Over the last decade, we’ve honed this therapy to be cost-effective for both patients and healthcare providers.”

While MindMotion PRO is designed for in-patient treatment and patients with severe impairments, MinMotion GO is designed to help patients with light- and medium-severity neurologic impairments who have the opportunity to rehabilitate at home. It features gamified activities covering motor and task functions in a three-dimensional setting and real-time audio-visual feedback to help providers assess a patient’s progress and adjust treatments.

The product continues a trend of moving rehab and physical therapy programs onto telehealth and mHealth platforms, giving patients an opportunity to continue treatment at home rather than travelling to a clinic or doctor’s office. Healthcare providers, meanwhile, can use the virtual care platform to reach out to more patients, both individually and in groups.

It also makes use of gamification to improve patient engagement and adherence. mHealth advocates say the idea of gamifying healthcare tasks, or using gaming technology to improve the process, makes a patient more comfortable with the treatment and encourages him or her to participate and maintain that effort over time.

MindMotion GO is now in use in Europe, and had been tested in clinical trials in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


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