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mHealth Technology Awarded in NewYork-Presbyterian Contest

By Sara Heath

- With mHealth technology on the rise, the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital decided to hold the InnovateNYP: Open Challenge to foster innovation in patient care and provider communication, according to a company press release. The competition, which was open to both NewYork-Presbyterian employees and the general public, involved over 200 contestants on one of 31 teams. This year’s winners included MedChat, an app that allows members of a care team to communicate with each other securely via a mobile chatroom, Mocabell: Your Mobile Call Bell, which allows patients to easily communicate with the hospital nursing staff, and Curbsided, which allows physicians to consult specialists via an mHealth device.

mHealth contest winners selected

The submissions were judged on a 100 point scale, with each criterion worth 20 points, according to the contest information webpage. Of those criterion were ease of use, design, benefit for users, creativity and innovation, and overall quality of the prototype.

Each team had 10 weeks to develop a program prototype that would either increase patient engagement or increase healthcare provider communication. At the end of those 10 weeks, the judges selected the top three finalists, who then advanced on to Demo Day, or the presentation stage of the competition. From there, the winner was picked and the cash prizes awarded. This year, NewYork-Presbyterian awarded a total of $25,000 in prizes.

MedChat, the top prize winner developed by Ryan DeCosmo, Mengqi Chin, Marc Sturm, and Eric Schmitz, allows physicians within a care team to communicate with each other on an interface that looks much like a group message. The app also allows them to search for patient data information and send it to one another, as well as send each other urgent alerts. All messaging within the app is secure, and the only individuals involved in the group chat are those on a patient’s care team.

The second prize winner, Mocabell: Your Mobile Call Bell, was created by Hanson Hsu, MD, Uikyun Kim, and Myunggen Yu. The app was inspired by an experience Kim had in an emergency room where he was unable to get medical attention until an over-worked nurse approached him and began giving him care. Seeing the importance of patient and nurse communication, Kim and the rest of the team developed the app to allow patients to communicate with nursing staff with greater ease. The app also allows patients to send certain alerts that would notify other members of the nursing staff when the patient’s nurse is not available.

The third prize winner, Curbsided, eases the process by which physicians consult specialists while treating a patient. Created by James Horowitz, MD, Adam Groff, MD, MBA, Tim Dybvig, and Marc W, the app not only allows for real-time consults, but it can also accommodate for a consult request, or the admission of a patient into the NewYork-Presbyterian hospital system.

The judges of the competition included Robert E. Kelly, MD, President of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Aurelia Boyer, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Peter Fleischut, MD, Associate Chief Innovation Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, David Vadrey, PhD, Vice President, Value Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Peter Neupert, Lead director at Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp., Brad Weinberg, MD, Co-Founder, Blueprint Health, and Indu Subaiya, MD, Co-chairman and CEO, Health 2.0. The judges were very excited about all of the ideas put forth to advance the hospital.

“The other judges and I were incredibly impressed by the range of smart and creative solutions we reviewed,” said Boyer. “We strongly believe that bringing outside perspectives together through this type of challenge helps drive innovation in healthcare IT. This contest has again offered us some fantastic ideas that can be translated into real-life solutions.”


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