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New Contest Could Transform Remote Patient Monitoring

By Vera Gruessner

- One area which has pushed forward better health outcomes and higher quality healthcare delivery is the adoption of remote patient monitoring technology. From wearables like smart glasses to medical devices and equipment capable of monitoring heart health, the remote patient monitoring space continues to gain popularity within the medical field.

Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

For instance, last week the medical technology company Boston Scientific launched the beginning of its Boston Scientific Connected Patient Challenge, which is essentially a competition between engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs to further create advanced remote patient monitoring tools in an effort to improve the quality of patient care.

According to a Boston Scientific news release, engineers and designers have until January 5, 2016 to submit all of their work for the contest through the Medstro website, a social network for physicians.

The goal of the contest is to find remote patient monitoring technology capable of cutting the continually rising costs of healthcare as well as strengthen patient care services throughout the medical field. Boston Scientific is seeking innovations such as wearable devices or implantable sensors capable of managing data flow and improving clinical decision making.

“We firmly believe in the power of contests like these to produce game-changing technologies that can help transform the way healthcare is delivered,” David Knapp, PhD, vice president of Corporate Research at Boston Scientific, said in a public statement. “Collaboration and open innovation are at the core of Boston Scientific's vision for the future of healthcare. By combining our industry leadership with Medstro's vibrant online community and collaborative competition platform, we hope to inspire the next generation of digital health solutions.”

The finalists of this contest will be happy to hear that they will be able to present their ideas at an event in Cambridge, MA among the sponsors of the Boston Scientific Connected Patient Challenge, other contest participants, and a live audience.

The winners of this contest will receive $25,000 as seed money to further develop their ideas into real remote patient monitoring equipment. Challenges like these are meant to further stimulate innovation within the healthcare market and lead to better patient engagement and stronger clinical decision making tools.

Boston Scientific is also partnering with the mHealth company Preventice Solutions, which develops wearable cardiac monitors.

With the wide range of medical technologies and IT systems capable of securing wide sets of patient information, it grows more important than in prior years to improve the management of medical data. With the help of sensors and wearables connected to advanced IT systems, these goals could be achieved.

“With an estimated 165,000 patients in the U.S. now using mobile health apps and 83 percent of clinicians reportedly using smartphone technology during clinical care, Boston Scientific’s challenge is an incredible opportunity for clinicians and innovators with big ideas to potentially turn those ideas into reality,” Jennifer M. Joe, MD, Medstro founder and CEO, stated in the news release.

As the healthcare industry continues to strive toward reforming patient care practices, reducing medical costs, and improving the quality of care and health outcomes around the nation, remote patient monitoring devices will likely play a significant part in ensuring the conclusion of these exemplary objectives.


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