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Remote Patient Monitoring Tools May Improve Dialysis Care

By Vera Gruessner

- Remote patient monitoring is an important and strategic movement in the healthcare field, as it allows physicians to keep track of patients’ vital signs while they are residing at home and prevent more serious health risks by observing any warnings. In an effort to improve their remote patient monitoring, dialysis service provider Renal Ventures Management has recently implemented telehealth solutions from Authentidate Holding Corp. to remotely monitor their dialysis patients, according to a joint press release.

Telehealth Solutions and Remote Monitoring

The completion of the implementation is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2015. These telehealth solutions are meant to provide more flexibility for patients looking to improve their health and wellness.

For example, patients will receive a mobile device that will track their vital signs and symptoms as well as set out their home-based treatment plan. The mobile device acts as a system for remote patient monitoring, as it sends patients’ health data in real time to caregivers or providers. This offers a better system for tracking the vital signs of dialysis patients and ensure the best possible care for this particular population.

“We are enthusiastic about using Authentidate telehealth services for health informatics, disease management and remote monitoring technologies to enhance care and case management for our most vulnerable patients,” RVM Chief Medical Officer George R. Aronoff, M.D, stated in the press release. “Patients with kidney failure face a much higher health risk during the first four months of dialysis treatments. At Renal Ventures Management, we believe that home monitoring using telehealth technology provides an innovative tool for our patients and caregivers to lower the risk of complications and improve wellness and quality of life.”

In addition to improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes, telehealth solutions and remote patient monitoring can actually reduce the skyrocketing medical costs commonly seen throughout this industry.

“Authentidate’s remote patient management solutions have helped thousands of patients across the commercial and government health care sectors, and our recent innovations are powerful tools in patient care,” Ian Bonnet, President and CEO of Authentidate, said in a public statement. “We’re excited about RVM’s thought leadership, and we are proud of the support our solutions bring to the RVM team and the positive impact these solutions can have on patients’ lives.”

Findings from Partners Healthcare Connected Health shows that remote patient monitoring can actually lower hospital admission rates and mortality rates among those with cardiovascular conditions.

Remote monitoring tools were able to help stop hospitalizations for up to 90 days as well as delay mortality for four months after initial hospitalization and discharge among 384 patients studied. Both education materials and remote monitoring technology reduced the rates of hospitalization and mortality for heart failure patients significantly when compared to the results of the control group.

As the healthcare field continues to develop new technologies including mobile health applications, remote patient monitoring will likely continue to play a large role in improving care and patient health outcomes.


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