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Top 10 Telemedicine Solutions by Hospital Site Implementations

Top telemedicine vendors offer services ranging from video visits and remote patient monitoring to data analytics solutions.


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By Kate Monica

- Driven by patient demand, improvements in technology, and the need to deliver healthcare outside the traditional hospital setting, health systems across the US are embracing telemedicine.

Some are launching platforms to connect patients to specialist care, either through consults or as part of a larger care management platform targeting those with chronic conditions. Still more are using the technology to improve hospital workflows, improve clinician-to-clinician collaboration and extend services to smaller, more remote hospitals and clinics.

Many health systems are jumping on the direct-to-consumer bandwagon. They’re launching platforms that allow patients - new and returning - to connect with a nurse or doctor for on-demand care, ranging from minor, nagging issues to ailments that might send them to the doctor’s office or ER.

The following are the top 10 telemedicine solutions based on number of hospital site implementations according to data from Definitive Healthcare.

Iron Bow Technologies
Iron Bow offers telehealth services assisting providers and patients through technical expertise and workflow process awareness. The vendor aims to improve health outcomes by equipping hospitals with secure telehealth, telemedicine, and mobile health solutions as well as the proper infrastructure to support these services. Iron Bow also offers searchable data stores of patient health records allowing healthcare organizations to improve data warehousing, sharing, and mining. Iron Bow solutions meet government reporting and security requirements. The vendor also regularly modifies software products to meet new and developing standards in the healthcare industry. Iron Bow also offers users unified communications integrating voice, video, data, video teleconferencing, and instant messaging.

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American Well
This direct-to-consumer telehealth provider offers a scalable telemedicine platform equipped with patient-facing apps, video visit technology, provider apps, mobile software development kits, and telemedicine tablets allowing providers to invite specialists into patient visits as needed through video call capabilities. American Well allows providers to design custom solutions meeting the specific needs of their health system to assist in optimizing patient engagement, clinical service development, EHR integration, and physician best practices.

Philips Healthcare
Philips Healthcare offers health systems telemedicine solutions assisting providers in organizational role design and program goal setting as well as clinical protocols, patient recruitment, and clinical workflow. The vendor’s telehealth programs offer providers the necessary tools to support care delivery for myriad health conditions in a variety of healthcare settings. Philips also offers programs for complex care, chronic disease management, and readmission management. The vendor’s remote monitoring and communication capabilities include two-way video.

MDLive offers patients 24 hour access to board-certified doctors, pediatricians, and therapists seven days a week. Direct-to-consumer services include virtual care offering patients access to a virtual visit within fifteen minutes of registering with the service. MDLive is geared toward providing patient-centric care accessible through any computer or smartphone. Through a three step process, users can instantly download the app, select a doctor, and begin a consultation. MDLive’s cloud-based platform is HIPAA compliant and specializes in care for health systems or self-insured employers.

Care Innovations
Care innovations is a telemedicine solution specializing in remote patient management. The vendor offers management solutions for patients with chronic conditions through patient engagement, patient education, and early treatment interventions to reduce readmissions. Care Innovation’s remote monitoring care management also provides a range of data analytics solutions offering providers and patients insights into their conditions for more appropriate care and better health outcomes.

Vidyo telemedicine solutions specializes in care delivery to rural patients. The vendor’s telemedicine video conferencing technology offers patients in remote locations improved access to care while optimizing clinical efficiency and continuity of care across settings for providers. Vidyo offerings include in-home care delivery through unmanaged networks and devices for video visits and remote monitoring. Additionally, the vendor provides ambulatory care options enabling clinician-to-clinician consultations with EHR and diagnostic device integration.

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Avizia is an end-to-end telehealth platform integrating care coordination software with video devices and mobile apps to deliver telehealth solutions to over 1,000 hospitals worldwide. The vendor offers a range of collaboration tools including peripherals designed to optimize usability, workflow software automating telemedicine processes, and a video cloud. Avizia’s telemedicine offerings received an 89 percent approval rating from patients at AZ Palliative Home Care.

Zipnosis telemedicine services include virtual care services that combine access points, technologies, and services customizable to specific health systems. The Zipnosis platform offers a suite of solutions featuring telemedicine tools ready to integrate into existing clinical and operational systems. Clients currently using Zipnosis’ telemedicine solutions include UMass Memorial Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

iDoc Telehealth
This Texas-based telehealth solutions vendor specializes in eConsultations, remote staffing, and telemedicine infrastructure consultations. iDoc provides patient evaluations and medical second opinions to help physicians avoid misdiagnosis and excessive treatments that can lead to patient harm. iDoc remote staffing offers inpatient coverage for any under-staffed healthcare facilities using the service to ensure 24-hour patient care. iDoc also offers users solutions to help health systems develop their own telemedicine system.


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