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Saint Joseph Hospital Leverages PIVOT Clinical Smartphones for Improved Care Team Communication

Saint Joseph Hospital – a recognized leader in clinical excellence – knows that arming their nurses with the industry’s best clinical smartphones is essential to providing their patients with the best possible care. This is... Download white paper

6 Six Steps to Developing a Successful Clinical Smartphone Strategy

You’ve heard how clinical smartphones allow nurses to coordinate patient care more efficiently. You may have also read about the enhanced Wi-Fi and management features that allow reliable, consistent and secure communication throughout... Download white paper

5 Decisive Questions for Optimizing Telehealth Software Evaluation

What used to be a novelty in the healthcare industry has rapidly transformed into the new normal — a growing resource in healthcare’s technological advancement. The telehealth global market is expected to more than double from $18.2... Download white paper

Tele-Behavioral Health: Clinically Effective & Cost Efficient

Each year, nearly 1 in 4 Americans will experience a need for mental health treatment. While mental health comprises of approximately 10% of all emergency department (ED) visits, most do not staff mental health professionals and are rarely equipped... Download white paper

Telestroke: Eliminates Barriers to Life-Saving Care

Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in developed countries, killing approximately 130,000 Americans each year. Unfortunately, many hospitals lack access to neurologists for timely consultations, which may waste precious minutes and increase... Download white paper

Tele-Behavioral Health: Reducing the Mental Health Burden on Emergency Departments

In emergency departments (ED), mental health comprises of approximately 7-10% of all patient visits. As a result, it is necessary to implement solutions that enable providers to collaborate with specialists and efficiently diagnose, treat and... Download white paper

Telestroke: Providing Greater Patient Access to Optimal Stroke Care

Globally, there are an estimated 15 million strokes, leading to nearly 5 million deaths and 5 million cases of permanent disability every year. With an increase in stroke patients, the demand for neurological care continues to rise. Even in countries... Download white paper

Mobile Security: Threats and Countermeasures

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the primary end-user computing platform in enterprises. The intuitive user-experience, robust computing capabilities, extensive catalog of apps, and always-on connectivity combined with portability make mobile... Download white paper

The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Mobility Management

In addition to describing how EMM works, this guide also illustrates a typical implementation journey that explains how an organization goes about deploying and managing all the pieces of an EMM to transform business processes. By providing a... Download white paper

The Ultimate Guide to BYOD

This eBook is designed to help your organization anticipate, understand and manage 5 major questions regarding BYOD in the enterprise. In this four-part guide, we’ll look at best practices for preparing, building, rolling out and sustaining... Download white paper

System-Wide Telehealth: Providing the Most Value

The constant about technology is that it’s always changing, always evolving. In healthcare, electronic health records, revenue cycle management and practice management software dominated the early part of the decade, and now, the industry... Download white paper

Increase Patient Satisfaction and Practice Revenue with Texting

Texting is a great way to communicate with patients anytime without being intrusive. It’s easy. It’s inexpensive. Best of all, it’s what your patients want. But pudding is supposed to be full of proof, right? So we’ve... Download white paper

Getting Ahead With Telehealth: How to Launch and Maintain a Successful Platform

With recent surveys indicating more than three-quarters of all hospitals and health systems having some sort of telehealth program in pilot stages or in place, the time is right for administrators to take a closer look at the platform. How can... View webcast

Cambridge Health Alliance: Improving Patient Safety and Physician Satisfaction with EPCS

View this webinar to hear Cambridge Health Alliance's Arthur Ream III, CISO and Director of IT Applications, discuss the strategies used to integrate a fully DEA compliant solution for electronic prescribing of controlled substances directly... View webcast

10 Best Practices for Discovering the Best Mobile and IoT Devices for Healthcare

Mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a growing part of the IT resources healthcare depends on. The integration of mobile devices into a healthcare organization’s workflows and supporting infrastructure presents great opportunities... Download white paper

Case Study: Nemours Embraces App Innovation With MobileIron

Digital health tools, BOYD programs, and mobile applications offer providers the ability to connect with patients and staff in a timely manner, from any location. As beneficial as mobile strategies can be for healthcare organizations, they also... Download white paper

How Multi-Format Digital Wayfinding Empowers Patients and Visitors

Different people have different preferences, priorities and needs—all of which can change depending on the circumstances bringing them to the hospital. Luckily, with multi-format digital wayfinding, you can serve all of them well with a... Download white paper

Mobile Marketing Automation: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

Mobile has become central to consumers’ lives, accounting for nearly two thirds of all digital media minutes spent in the U.S. What’s more, mobile apps are now dominating the digital experience, claiming more than 50 percent of all... Download white paper

How a Comprehensive Wayfinding Strategy can Reduce Missed Appointments & Boost Patient Satisfaction

Hospitals are like miniature cities: They grow and change in ways that aren’t always orderly or predictable. Buildings get remodeled or repurposed. Wings get added or extended. Routes and connections may or may not make sense from... Download white paper

Making a Secure Mobile Environment Work for Clinicians

Healthcare organizations continued to incorporate mobile devices into daily operations to connect clinicians with patient health data at a growing number of care sites. The increased number of smart devices accessing health data, applications,... View webcast

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