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Clinical Decision Support

CDS Coalition Floats Guidelines for Mobile Health App Design

May 2, 2017 - A coalition of software developers and healthcare providers is pushing for new guidelines that would help certain mobile health applications avoid FDA regulation. The CDS Coalition has issued a 26-page document designed to help developers create software with clinical decision support (CDS) capabilities. This would include mHealth app and digital health platforms that offer CDS tools. The...

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Digital Decision Support: 4 Examples of mHealth in Action

by Eric Wicklund

Clinical decision support tools have come a long way from the thick, heavy books that line the walls of a doctor’s office. Nowadays, the clinician needs access to real-time decision support, whether it be at the bedside or while talking...

FDA Urged to Clarify Clinical Decision Support Regulations

by Eric Wicklund

Among the biggest promises of mHealth is that it will enable clinical decision support in real time and at the point of care. But that won’t happen if federal officials can’t decide how to regulate the technology. A broad-based coalition...


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