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Duke Affirms Cost Savings from Physical Therapy Via Telehealth

October 15, 2018 - Healthcare providers saved almost $2,750 per patient by using telehealth instead of in-person treatment for post-discharge physical therapy after knee replacement surgery, according to researchers at Duke University. The long-awaited study, launched in 2016 by the Duke University School of Medicine’s Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), makes the case for a remote patient...

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Apple Donates Smartwatches for mHealth Study on Eating Disorders

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at the University of North Carolina are launching an mHealth study aimed at improving care management for people living with eating disorders. The Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders, part of the UNC School of...

US Military Tests an mHealth Wearable for Remote, Battlefield Care

by Eric Wicklund

A U.S. Navy base in Virginia will soon be testing an mHealth wearable designed to link remote healthcare providers in disaster zones or battlefields with more experienced specialists. Developed by researchers at Purdue University, the...

SIMPRO Project to Use mHealth to Monitor Cancer Patients At Home

by Eric Wicklund

Six health systems are launching a program to collect patient-reported data through an mHealth platform to help healthcare providers improve care management and coordination for people undergoing cancer treatment. Coordinated by the...

Telemedicine Partnership Envisions an RPM Program Without Devices

by Eric Wicklund

A new telemedicine partnership aims to improve remote patient monitoring programs by capturing vital signs without the need for medical devices. VSee, the California-based developer of video visit platforms used by Ascension,...

Fitbits For Physicians: New mHealth Project Targets Provider Stress

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth wearables, long seen as a tool for helping patients manage their health, are now being tested as a care management tool for their doctors. Researchers at the University of Michigan, who have been analyzing stress levels of medical...

West Coast Hospitals Get FDA Grant for Pediatric mHealth Support

by Eric Wicklund

A consortium of West Coast children’s hospitals and universities is getting more than $6 million from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to continue research and development of mHealth and telehealth technology for children. The...

Fitbit Launches a Connected Health Platform for mHealth Coaching

by Eric Wicklund

Fitbit is launching a telehealth platform designed to offer coaching and support for healthcare providers, employers and others using mHealth devices in connected health programs. With the launch of Fitbit Care, the California-based...

Geisinger Patients Find a Comfort Zone With mHealth Wearables

by Eric Wicklund

Geisinger Health System patients enrolled in an mHealth study on pain management are using wearables “consistently and frequently” to document their care, according to an interim analysis released this week. “We are...

Wisconsin Program to Study Telehealth, mHealth for Senior Care

by Eric Wicklund

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is partnering with a network of senior living centers to test telehealth and mHealth platforms for senior care. UWM’s Partners for Health Program is working with Heritage Senior Living to enable...

mHealth, Connected Care Help Doctors Address Medication Adherence

by Eric Wicklund

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is getting a $1 million federal grant to expand ongoing research into the use of the emocha mHealth app for medication adherence and care management for people living with tuberculosis. In...

Healthcare Providers Mull Clinical mHealth Applications for Alexa

by Eric Wicklund

Voice-enabled digital assistants like Alexa are all the rage in the consumer market these days, but connected health experts are expecting providers to be cautious in developing mHealth applications for clinical use. Still, the interest...

Telehealth Can Give Caregivers Much-Needed Support, Peace of Mind

by Eric Wicklund

Sometimes the most effective telehealth programs focus not on the patient, but on the caregiver. This past June, the National Institute on Aging awarded a three-year, $4.5 million grant to People Power to explore how a home-based...

Congress Looks to Give SNFs More Telemedicine for Senior Care

by Eric Wicklund

In the latest effort by Congress to compel Medicare to embrace telehealth, a group a lawmakers have submitted a bill that would enable skilled nursing facilities to adopt connected health technology. The Reducing Unnecessary Senior...

Anthem Creates a New mHealth Resource on Members’ Mobile Devices

by Eric Wicklund

The nation’s second largest payer is giving its member access to mHealth services from their mobile devices. Anthem, which manages Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in more than a dozen states, is making its LiveHealth Online service...

Army Ready to Test Telemedicine Platform for Emergency Transports

by Eric Wicklund

The US Army is testing a telemedicine platform designed to transmit critical data from the field to the hospital, enabling providers there to better prepare for incoming patients. The connected care service might someday be used by health...

Geisinger Builds an mHealth Platform for Asthma Care Management

by Eric Wicklund

Pennsylvania’s Geisinger Health System has partnered with pharma giant AstraZeneca to develop an mHealth platform to improve care management and coordination for people with asthma. The connected health suite includes an mHealth app...

mHealth Program to Help NYC Firefighters Monitor Blood Pressure

by Eric Wicklund

New York City firefighters, both active and retired, will soon have access to an mHealth device to monitor their blood pressure. The Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York City (UFOA), representing some 2,600 active members and...

How One VNA Uses mHealth to Boost Care Management and Coordination

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth technology works best when it improves care management and coordination for patients going through transition. For the Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, the largest provider of post-acute and community-based healthcare in...

mHealth Researchers Eye the Smartphone as a Zika Detection Device

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital are working on mHealth technology that can detect the Zika virus through a smartphone. As reported in the journal ACS Nano, the researchers are developing nanotechnology...


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