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Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Nokia Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Partnership

by Eric Wicklund

Nokia is setting its sights on remote patient monitoring. The former Finnish cellphone stalwart, which acquired France-based mHealth device company Withings earlier this year, has announced a partnership with HUS/Helsinki University Hospital...

New Partnership Puts the Mobility into mHeath

by Eric Wicklund

Vodafone is partnering with a San Francisco-based robotics company to give mHealth a whole new meaning to patients with mobility issues. The global telecommunications giant is throwing its support – and its smart-device support platform...

With mHealth Platforms, the Smartphone is Just the Beginning

by Eric Wicklund

Health systems are finding that an enterprise-wide smartphone platform is much more than just a cool way to give everyone a new phone. For Autumn Foy, director of clinical informatics at Onslow Memorial Hospital, putting some 325 iPhones into...

FDA’s mHealth Innovation Program Sees Success in its First Year

by Eric Wicklund

A year-old FDA program designed to help innovative mHealth companies speed their potentially life-saving products to market has so far accepted more than half of its applicants. In all, 17 of 29 applications for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s...

New mHealth Partnership Opens a Digital Link to the EHR

by Eric Wicklund

A California-based chain of urgent care clinics is integrating data from a digital stethoscope into its electronic health record, giving clinicians instant access to heart and lung sounds. Direct Urgent Care, serving some 30,000 consumers in...

mHealth Engagement Issues Still Stand Between Wearables and Healthcare

by Eric Wicklund

A new report finds that healthcare providers are going to have to solve the patient engagement paradox before the wearables market opens up to them. A PwC survey of some 1,000 consumers this past March shows solid support for wearables, with...

Wearables and the Heart: Using mHealth to Detect Sickness

by Eric Wicklund

A Canadian hospital is testing a medical-grade wearable designed to alert clinicians if an ICU patient is trending toward illness. Rockyview General Hospital, a 650-bed facility in Calgary, is using a monitor developed by California-based Biotricity...

Joint Commission Ends Text Messaging Ban for Clinicians

by Eric Wicklund

Fire up those smartphones - the Joint Commission is ending its five-year-old ban on text messaging. Effective immediately, “licensed independent practitioners or other practitioners in accordance with professional standards of practice,...

Healthcare Providers Give Smartglasses Another Look

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare hasn’t given up on smartglasses just yet. Today’s announcement that five large health systems have invested in Augmedix puts the high-tech eyewear back in the spotlight, even as the market front-runner – Google, with...

mHealth’s Benefits Are Coming into Focus for Eye Doctors

by Eric Wicklund

Until recently, mHealth in eye care generally consisted of a doctor driving around in a van, providing eye exams for those not inclined or able to visit the local eye doctor. But the advent of mHealth technology and cloud-based platforms has...

Will ‘Wanda’ Solve a Health System’s mHealth Security Concerns?

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at Dartmouth College are developing a mobile “wand” that could protect sensitive data and images transmitted between devices in the health system setting. Called “Wanda,” the device is equipped with two antennas...

ResearchKit Project Makes its Data Public

by Eric Wicklund

One of the first ResearchKit projects is going live with its data. Sage Bionetworks has released information collected from more than 9,500 consumers for future studies on people with Parkinson’s disease. The information, collected over...

Healthcare is Finding Plenty of Uses for Tablets

by Eric Wicklund

The American Cancer Society is turning to tablets to help breast cancer patients keep tabs on their health while at home. The organization is partnering with Samsung in a pilot program at the Athens Medical Center’s Breast Health Center...

mHealth Gets Into the Mood

by Eric Wicklund

A new project at Massachusetts General Hospital aims to measure people’s moods by how they use their smartphone. The two-year project, funded by a $1.8 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, will measure a person’s...

Philips Unveils a Wearable for Hospitals

by Eric Wicklund

One of the bigger players in the hospital-to-home market is bypassing the Fitbits and Jawbones and developing its own clinical wearable. Philips officials say the medical-grade biosensor will gather vital signs – including temperature and...

mHealth and RTLS: When Minutes and Movements Matter

by Eric Wicklund

Real-time location technology has longed helped healthcare providers keep track of equipment and manage inventory. Now it’s being paired with mHealth tools to help patients. The Northwest Michigan Surgery Center in Traverse City, Mich.,...

Giving Wearables a Place in the Patient Record

by Eric Wicklund

Carolinas HealthCare is meeting the wearables craze head-on with an app platform designed to bring health and wellness data into the care team conversation. The Charlotte, N.C.-based health system has launched two apps that enable consumers to...

Can Watson Help mHealth Predict Health Emergencies?

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers may soon be counting on Watson to help those with diabetes avoid hypoglycemic events. In a partnership announced at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas, Medtronic and IBM’s Watson Health division are joining...

Looking Back at CES: Are Consumers and Doctors Finally Bridging the mHealth Gap?

by Eric Wicklund

With CES 2016 in the rear-view mirror, mHealth experts are assessing whether the glitz and glam of Las Vegas yielded any jackpots for healthcare providers. The consumer-focused conference is seeing more digital health each year, and what once...

Making a Case for Pagers - and Smartphones - in Care Team Coordination

by Eric Wicklund

The death of the pager has been reported more than once in healthcare circles. Now an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association is bringing it back to life for a while. Written by University of California-San Francisco doctors...


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