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Stanford Targets Peripheral Artery Disease in New ResearchKit Study

by Eric Wicklund

The Stanford University School of Medicine has launched another HealthKit study, this one aimed at consumers being treated for peripheral artery disease. Researchers will be using Apple’s mHealth platform to track daily activity and gather...

FDA Offers $40K Prize for mHealth App to Stop Opioid Overdoses

by Nathan Boroyan

To combat the deadly opioid and heroin epidemic that has been sweeping the nation, the federal government is setting its sights on the potential of mHealth technology. The Food and Drug Administration has announced the 2016 Naloxone App...

Apple Gets Serious About mHealth App Standards

by Eric Wicklund

Apple is cracking down on health and wellness apps featured in its App Store. The company has revised its review guidelines for apps, adding what iMedicalApps Founder and Editor Iltifat Husain, MD, called “the most stringent language I...

Some mHealth Apps Aren’t Making Privacy a Priority

by Eric Wicklund

An analysis of privacy policies for mHealth apps finds that health and fitness apps aren’t keeping up with the rest of the industry – even though some are capable of gathering “particularly intimate details of a user’s...

mHealth Answers the Call in an In-Flight Emergency

by Eric Wicklund

A smartphone app designed to provide decision support during medical emergencies in air travel could be a model for mHealth support in any remote emergency. The airRx app is designed for people with a medical background who find themselves in...

mHealth App Challenges Target EHR Access, Mood Measurement

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth app challenges are all the rage these days, with separate contests seeking tools to access health information in an EHR and platforms that address mood disorders. ONC officials have unveiled their first-round winners in two challenges...

Mount Sinai Turns the Patient Portal into an mHealth Tool

by Eric Wicklund

The Mount Sinai Health System has turned its patient portal into an app. The new MountSinaiNY app “is a digital gateway” the New York-based health system’s services, executive vice president and CIO Kumar Chatani said in a press...

A New mHealth App Validation Resource Sets Up Shop

by Eric Wicklund

A new non-profit based in Boston’s fertile healthcare sector wants to help clinicians and patients trust their mHealth apps. The Cambridge-based Hacking Medicine Institute has launched RANKED Health, a program to verify the clinical relevance...

Apple’s CareKit Puts mHealth in Consumers’ Hands

by Eric Wicklund

CareKit – Apple’s open-source, consumer-facing mHealth platform – went live today with four apps. Unlike its predecessor HealthKit, which debuted in 2014, CareKit puts the iOS platform out there on its own (the framework is...

Humana Turns the Apple Watch into a Medication Management Tool

by Eric Wicklund

One of the nation’s largest insurers is allowing members to order prescriptions through their Apple Watch. The Louisville, Ky.-based company last month introduced its second Apple Watch app, enabling users to scan the barcode or photograph...

WHO Creates mHealth Adoption Research Standards Guide

by Sara Heath

mHealth adoption and tool development has seen a surge as patients seek convenient and cost-effective methods to manage their own health and wellness. With that, testing for new mHealth tools and interventions for chronic disease management has...

FTC Creates Tool to Help Developers Find mHealth Regulations

by Jacqueline Belliveau

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced the release of a web-based tool that will help mHealth developers to determine what mobile health regulations and laws might apply to their apps, according to a press release. The FTC partnered...

How Patient Demographics Affect mHealth Tool Usability

by Sara Heath

mHealth treatments for diabetes patients may be effective, but only the patient fits certain criteria. In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, researchers Mattias Georgsson and Nancy Staggers...

Top 5 Guidelines for Using mHealth Data Responsibly

by Eric Wicklund

A global research organization is hoping a new set of guidelines for the development and use of personal health technologies will make them more palatable to healthcare. The five guidelines for “responsible innovation and stewardship”...

ResearchKit takes on genetic data, NFL health issues

by Eric Wicklund

ResearchKit is once again shaking up the mHealth ecosystem. Apple’s provider-facing app platform will soon be able to include genetic information in clinical research studies, thanks to a module developed by 23andMe. Two ongoing projects...

Meet the mHealth Platform That Will Make ResearchKit Better

by Eric Wicklund

When it was launched in early 2015, Apple’s ResearchKit platform opened clinical research to new populations and possibilities, thanks to its connection with the iPhone, and spawned a number of potentially ground-breaking studies. Now it’s...

In Rating mHealth Apps, The Best Standard May Be Personal Experience

by Eric Wicklund

The best way to rate an mHealth app these days? Try it out yourself. That’s the decidedly-negative conclusion reached by a team of researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In a study published on Feb. 10  in...

Ride-Sharing Apps Target a Healthcare Pain Point

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers are turning to the latest craze in transportation to make sure their patients make their medical appointments. The ride-sharing service Lyft announced this week that it’s working with the National Medtrans Network’s...

Hospitals are Missing the Mark on mHealth Apps

by Eric Wicklund

New research indicates that hospitals still aren’t meeting the mHealth demands of consumers, and it’s costing them money and new business. A report from Accenture finds that two-thirds of the nation’s largest hospitals offer...

Using Apps to Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Health Management

by Eric Wicklund

It’s estimated that one in every three Americans is at risk of developing diabetes in his or her lifetime. Just as importantly, half of those who do deal with the chronic condition suffer additional health problems because of stress. Those...


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