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New Resource Helps mHealth App Developers Understand HIPAA

March 27, 2017 - Healthcare providers and mHealth app developers trying to understand the complexities of HIPAA now have a new resource at their disposal. The Connected Health Initiative, an offshoot of ACT | The App Association, has launched an interactive tool designed to help mobile health application developers figure out compliance with the privacy and security guidelines of the Health Insurance...

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HIPAA and mHealth: Giving Dentists Something to Chew On

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers supposedly know how HIPAA guidelines come into play when using smartphones or other mHealth devices, but do dentists? Lee Culp doesn’t think so. “We think we know what it is,” the chief technology...

ONC Report Exposes mHealth’s Security Flaws, But Who Should Fix Them?

by Eric Wicklund

Federal oversight of consumer health information isn’t keeping up with the fast-moving mHealth ecosystem, according to a new report. And it’s up to the healthcare industry to close those privacy and security gaps. That’s...

The Messy Side of mHealth: How Should Docs React to An Online Review?

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth security experts are warning doctors to think carefully before engaging in a social media conversation with a patient. Of particular concern is the rise in consumer-facing rating sites like Yelp and Angie’s List. For...

HHS Secretary Discusses Need to Clarify Mobile HIPAA Rules

by Ryan Mcaskill

With how quickly technology is evolving, ensuring mobile devices and applications are HIPAA compliant continues to be a challenge. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as HIPAA, is one of...


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