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Remote Medical Monitoring Cuts Hospital Readmission Rates

October 29, 2015 - A major goal throughout the federal government has been its aim to reduce rising healthcare costs. As such, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have instituted a punitive decrease in reimbursement among healthcare providers with high hospital readmission rates. In particular, hospitals with many patients being readmitted in less than 30 days after their last stay will...

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The Importance of Reimbursement in Telemedicine Adoption

by Vera Gruessner

The policies surrounding mobile health implementation and telemedicine adoption could have a big impact on the healthcare industry in the coming years, as it could very well be reimbursement from the federal and state governments that...

Key Healthcare Trends Strengthen Remote Patient Monitoring

by Vera Gruessner

Remote patient monitoring remains a vital aspect of strengthening patient health outcomes and the quality of care across the medical field. Cardiovascular patients, for instance, could benefit from having their blood pressure and heart...

Patient Engagement, Coordination Key to Healthcare Reform

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry has been transformed in recent years due to ongoing reforms and medical technology adoption. Patient engagement, for instance, has been a key aspect of healthcare reform. Meaningful use requirements under the...

Remote Monitoring Technology Battles Diabetes, Heart Disease

by Vera Gruessner

Chronic diseases affect a large percentage of the patient population across the nation. From diabetes and obesity to heart disease, new technologies from the mobile health industry could potentially improve the management of these chronic...

Patient Engagement Initiatives Driving Healthcare Trends

by Vera Gruessner

Patient engagement initiatives continue to be major drivers of healthcare reform across the country. From mobile health apps and telehealth technology to patient portals and mobile devices, the medical field is poised to improve the...

Remote Patient Monitoring Market Valued at $31.4 Billion

by Vera Gruessner

New technologies have been revolutionizing the healthcare field in recent years. From electronic patient records, telemedicine tools, remote patient monitoring, and other health IT systems, the medical industry is quickly becoming more...

Does Mobile Health Affect Clinical Documentation Improvement?

by Vera Gruessner

As the healthcare industry continues to expand its use of technologies, more healthcare providers are able to connect with patients remotely and utilize mobile health strategies to support clinical documentation. Telemedicine is one method...

Remote Patient Monitoring Tools May Improve Dialysis Care

by Vera Gruessner

Remote patient monitoring is an important and strategic movement in the healthcare field, as it allows physicians to keep track of patients’ vital signs while they are residing at home and prevent more serious health risks by...


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