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Remote Monitoring Gains Favor as an mHealth Platform for Senior Care

October 17, 2018 - Healthcare providers and payers are increasingly turning to remote patient monitoring programs for care management of seniors at home. Just this week, Senior Whole Health, a Massachusetts-based health plan for seniors with function deficits, announced a partnership with San Diego-based GreatCall to launch an RPM program for qualified high-risk seniors. And in Maryland, the...

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Wisconsin Program to Study Telehealth, mHealth for Senior Care

by Eric Wicklund

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is partnering with a network of senior living centers to test telehealth and mHealth platforms for senior care. UWM’s Partners for Health Program is working with Heritage Senior Living to enable...

Telehealth Can Give Caregivers Much-Needed Support, Peace of Mind

by Eric Wicklund

Sometimes the most effective telehealth programs focus not on the patient, but on the caregiver. This past June, the National Institute on Aging awarded a three-year, $4.5 million grant to People Power to explore how a home-based...

Best Buy Targets Senior Telehealth Market with GreatCall Deal

by Eric Wicklund

Another big retailer is looking to develop mHealth tools and services for the senior care space. Best Buy’s planned acquisition of GreatCall gives the Minnesota-based consumer electronics company, which launched its Assured Living...

Congress Looks to Give SNFs More Telemedicine for Senior Care

by Eric Wicklund

In the latest effort by Congress to compel Medicare to embrace telehealth, a group a lawmakers have submitted a bill that would enable skilled nursing facilities to adopt connected health technology. The Reducing Unnecessary Senior...

Telehealth, RPM Help Visiting Nurses Fill Care Management Needs

by Eric Wicklund

Nebraska’s chapter of the Visiting Nurse Association is launching a telehealth program to improve care management and coordination for its home-based patients. The Omaha-based VNA is deploying 4G tablets with preloaded software and...

Telehealth Gives Senior Centers a Gateway to Patient Engagement

by Eric Wicklund

Senior centers across the country are deploying a wide range of telehealth and mHealth technologies to keep their residents active and engaged. One such example is Front Porch, a Glendale, Calif.-based non-profit comprising 10...

Telehealth Lends a Helping Hand to Senior Fall Prevention Programs

by Eric Wicklund

A Los Angeles-based provider of senior healthcare services is expanding its telehealth footprint to help more seniors stay out of the hospital. The Los Angeles Jewish Home has been using a telehealth platform to help seniors recover from...

Telemedicine Helps SNFs Improve Patient Care, Curb Hospitalizations

by Eric Wicklund

Skilled nursing facilities across the country are using telemedicine to bring critical healthcare services to their residents, improving health and wellness outcomes and reducing costly ER transports. In many cases, real-time clinical...

Telehealth Will Only Benefit Seniors if They Know It’s Available

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth is touted as an important avenue for seniors looking to stay healthy and at home, yet almost 90 percent of seniors recently surveyed said they either don’t have access to telehealth through their Medicare plan or they...

Telehealth Extended to NY Adult Centers; Schools May Come Next

by Eric Wicklund

New York’s governor has signed legislation extending telemedicine and telehealth to seniors in care centers, and could soon be extending the platform to schools and day care centers. Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week signed into law...

Survey Shows Senior Homes Aren’t Taking Telehealth Seriously

by Eric Wicklund

A recent survey of vendor preferences among senior living providers finds that they aren’t using telehealth all that much – but they are taking a liking to mHealth. The survey by Ziegler indicates less than 10 percent of the...

mHealth, Telehealth Providers Target Growing Senior Care Market

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth and mHealth providers are adopting new platforms to meet the needs of a growing senior population and position themselves for the lucrative remote patient monitoring market. With the Baby Boomer generation set to retire and...

Trinity Health Invests in Telehealth for Home Care

by Eric Wicklund

Trinity Health is adding an mHealth platform to its home healthcare ministry, which serves thousands of people across the country in an effort to keep them in their homes and out of the hospital. The 22-state, Michigan-based health system...

Telemedicine Gives Long-Term Care Facilities an Instant Link to Healthcare

by Eric Wicklund

A telemedicine platform launched by a Kentucky-based long-term healthcare system is poised for growth after officials say it helped one facility decrease costs by 30 percent. YourDoc2U, a startup created in 2015 by executives at...

Telehealth Can Work for Veterans Dealing With Depression

by Eric Wicklund

Veterans dealing with depression can be treated just as well with telehealth as with in-person care, according to a recent study. Studying more than 200 senior-aged veterans for one year between 2007 and 2011, researchers from the Medical...

mHealth and Housing: A Vital Recipe for Senior Health

by Eric Wicklund

How does one get seniors to use more mHealth tools at home? Make sure they have a home, and it’s capable of integrating new technology. A Washington-based bipartisan think tank is making that case in a series of forums across the...

Studies: mHealth Sensors Help Seniors Avoid the Hospital

by Eric Wicklund

An innovative mHealth program at the University of Missouri is using two different types of mobility sensors to monitor seniors for trending health concerns. MU researchers are testing radar sensors to measure daily activity levels in...

mHealth’s Missing Link: Technology That Helps the Caregiver

by Eric Wicklund

A recent study finds that more than 70 percent of family and friends providing care to a loved one at home are interested in using mHealth technology to support their caregiving tasks, and roughly 60 percent would use whatever’s...

mHealth and Seniors: ATA to Shine a Light on Home-Based Monitoring

by Eric Wicklund

America’s fastest growing population – its seniors - is pushing healthcare to help them age gracefully, and healthfully. And they’re turning to telehealth to make that happen. With the American Telemedicine Association...


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