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Telehealth Policy

AHA Gives Telehealth Its Own Web Page

by Eric Wicklund

The American Hospital Association has launched an online resource on local, state and national telehealth programs. From emergency department care to remote patient monitoring for chronic care management and access to care from specialists, telehealth...

Alaska May Open its Doors to Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

Alaska lawmakers are uniting behind a bill that would, for the first time, enable the state’s Medicaid participants to access telemedicine services from out-of-state providers. SB 74 “could be a major change that will affect the entire...

9 Connected Health Recommendations to Help Seniors Aging in Place

by Eric Wicklund

A White House advisory council is calling on the federal government to support connected health technologies and platforms for America’s aging population. The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), in an...

Telehealth Gains Favor in Florida

by Eric Wicklund

Count Florida among the states embracing telemedicine, though the move toward reimbursement parity may take a few years. The Sunshine State’s House and Senate recently passed legislation – almost unanimously in both chambers –...

Texas Board’s Ruling is a Victory for Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth’s value to mental health counseling scored an important victory last week when a Texas regulatory board shot down new restrictions to distance counseling. In a case closely watched in dozens of states and at the national level,...

Telemedicine-based Prescriptions Gain Favor in Indiana

by Eric Wicklund

Indiana lawmakers are moving forward with legislation that would allow healthcare providers to prescribe via telemedicine. House Bill 1263, submitted on Jan. 11, passed last week by a healthy 74-24 vote, and now faces Senate scrutiny. If enacted,...

DoD Expands Telemedicine Access for Military, Families

by Eric Wicklund

The Military Health System is adding telemedicine to its arsenal of healthcare services for the nation’s military members and their families. In a memorandum issued earlier this month, Jonathan Woodson, MD, the Assistant Secretary of Defense...

Telehealth Tussle in Mississippi Takes a New Turn

by Eric Wicklund

A dispute between the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure and Teladoc is heating up, thanks to proposed legislation that would negate the board’s year-long effort to place restrictions on certain telehealth consults. The state board...

Telehealth Rallies Behind the CONNECT Act

by Eric Wicklund

A bipartisan bill introduced to Congress this week might have an impressive list of supporters and some pretty heady projections on cost savings, but can it succeed where so many promising bills before it have failed? Long-anticipated and heavily...

Telemedicine Used By Both Sides in Abortion Debate

by Eric Wicklund

Telemedicine is wading into the hotly contested abortion debate once again. Kentucky lawmakers this week approved legislation that would enable doctors to counsel women via real-time video link to fulfill the commonwealth’s “informed...

On Telehealth License Portability, Each State Follows its Own Path

by Eric Wicklund

Not content to wait for a regional or national solution, at least three states are mulling legislation that would allow healthcare providers to practice telehealth across state lines. Florida’s long-awaited telehealth legislation, HB 7087,...

Feds Urged to Make Telehealth a Standard of Care

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth should be an integrated standard of care for people with chronic conditions, not a separate path of care alongside traditional in-person visits. That’s the early take from comments so far submitted to the Senate Finance Committee...

FCC Petition: Better Rural Broadband Means More Telehealth Services

by Eric Wicklund

A coalition of telehealth and health IT organizations is petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to improve wireless and broadband access to rural healthcare providers, calling it critical to the development of virtual visit and remote...

Large Employer Trade Group Pushes for Better State Telehealth Legislation

by Eric Wicklund

A national organization representing large employers is throwing its weight behind state efforts to expand and regulate telehealth – and that’s not an easy task, says its chief health executive. The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC),...

Telemedicine a Key Component of Next-Generation ACOs

by Eric Wicklund

A new Accountable Care Organization model that stresses telehealth is getting high marks from the American Telemedicine Association. The Next Generation ACO Model, unveiled on January 11 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, targets...

Making Telehealth a Priority: Congress Mulls Changes to Medicare

by Eric Wicklund

The Senate Finance Committee is mulling a number of policy changes that would make telehealth a key component of chronic care management for Medicare beneficiaries. The changes are contained in a policy document created last month by the Bipartisan...

Texas Takes Heat for its Telemedicine Restrictions

by Eric Wicklund

The National Center for Policy Analysis is slamming Texas for the state’s efforts to curb telemedicine. The Washington D.C.-based think-tank singles out the Lone Star State and its officials in a new issue brief, calling the Texas...

Cross-State Licensing Compact Gains Momentum

by Eric Wicklund

Twelve states have now signed an agreement to streamline the licensing process for clinicians wanting to practice medicine across state lines. Wisconsin became the latest state to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, with Gov. Scott...

Teladoc Wins Another Skirmish in Texas Telemedicine Tussle

by Eric Wicklund

Advocates for telephone-based telehealth services have won another court skirmish with a Texas judge’s refusal this week to drop Teladoc’s antitrust lawsuit against the Texas Medical Board. The ruling wasn’t entirely unexpected....

AHRQ Calls for More Validation of Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Although there have been hundreds of reviews and hundreds of thousands of mentions since 2006, telehealth is still very much a cutting-edge technology – and not validated enough in most cases that legislators can draft adequate policies...


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