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FDA OKs Telemedicine Platform for Programming Cochlear Implants

November 20, 2017 - Federal regulators have approved the first telemedicine platform for remote management of hearing aids. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week announced its approval of the remote programming feature for the Nucleus Cochlear Implant System, developed by Cochlear Americas, enabling audiologists to fine-tune the devices from afar, rather than having the patient come into the office...

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Telehealth, mHealth Help Pediatric Hospitals Connect With Kids

by Eric Wicklund

A Baltimore children’s hospital is turning to telehealth and mHealth wearables to help its young patients with health, diet and lifestyle issues at home. Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital will be using Fitbits and Fitbit-connected scales...

Providers Visualize New mHealth, Telehealth Uses for the Video

by Eric Wicklund

With so many mHealth and telehealth platforms focused on care delivery through video, healthcare providers are finding new ways to put that form factor to use. Much like the AT&T commercial in which Mark Wahlberg notes that entertainment...

NATO Ready to Deploy Telemedicine Platform

by Eric Wicklund

NATO has finished testing a multinational telemedicine platform for emergency scenes or combat zones and is ready to deploy the suitcase-sized kits where needed around the world. The 28-nation North Atlantic Treaty Organization made the announcement...

mHealth Makes Rounding an Active Tool in Value-Based Care

by Eric Wicklund

An mHealth rounding platform is helping University of Chicago Medicine to add “the voice of the patient” to its care plan – and promoting value-based care. Nurses at the 560-bed hospital have been using iPads since 2014 to capture...

American Well CEO: Telehealth Must Integrate With the Home and the Hospital

by Eric Wicklund

Up until now, consumer-facing telehealth platforms have primarily focused on a conversation between doctor and patient. But if telehealth is going to match the value of an in-person exam, it’s going to have to incorporate new data streams....

mHealth Study Shows Value of Sleep Monitoring

by Eric Wicklund

People who use mHealth tools to monitor their sleep are more likely to show improvement and adhere to Medicare guidelines for reimbursement, according to the results of a survey released today. The study of some 128,000 patients, conducted by...

mHealth’s Promise: Mobility With Meaning

by Eric Wicklund

In California, a Silicon Valley startup is launching a mobile robot designed to keep seniors connected with their care providers – and in the future offer mHealth services like medication management. In Virginia, a medical instrument company...

mHealth Study: Remote Monitoring Cuts Costs, Hospitalizations

by Eric Wicklund

A year-long remote monitoring program for patients with heart failure saved more than $8,000 per patient and reduced hospitalizations by more than 30 percent. The @Home study, conducted by Pennsylvania-based Capital Blue Cross and mHealth technology...

mHealth’s Benefits Are Coming into Focus for Eye Doctors

by Eric Wicklund

Until recently, mHealth in eye care generally consisted of a doctor driving around in a van, providing eye exams for those not inclined or able to visit the local eye doctor. But the advent of mHealth technology and cloud-based platforms has...

mHealth Becomes a Valuable Tool in the Battle Against Suicide

by Eric Wicklund

A Colorado-based healthcare provider that helps teenagers and young adults taking antidepressant drugs is turning to mHealth to help them avoid dangerous side-effects. Sundance Diagnostics uses a two-pronged approach, combining a precision medicine...

Can mHealth Sensors Detect Sepsis?

by Eric Wicklund

The recent death of film and TV actress Patty Duke is shining the spotlight on sepsis, a life-threatening condition that can be detected with mHealth technology. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines sepsis as “the body’s...

Is HHS Missing the Point on mHealth?

by Eric Wicklund

Federal officials are heaping praise on a preventive service program for type 2 diabetics – yet they’re missing a key aspect to this program that could make it even more effective. mHealth. Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia...

Telemedicine Takes the Lead in Child Abuse Detection

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers are turning to telemedicine to tackle one of their most difficult tasks: identifying a victim of child abuse or neglect. Many of these cases show up in hospital ERs, doctor’s offices or clinics where doctors and nurses...

mHealth Platforms Are Proving Their Value to Home Health Agencies

by Eric Wicklund

A Chicago-based home health agency is launching an mHealth platform to help its chronic care patients transition from the hospital to the home – and stay home. Health Resource Solutions, which works with more than 1,000 patients a month,...

mHealth in Space: Not Just Science Fiction Any More

by Eric Wicklund

The Canadian Space Agency is moving forward with plans to develop a wireless sensor system that will monitor its astronauts’ vital signs in space. The On Astronaut Wireless sensor System (OAWSS), being developed by Montreal-based Hexoskin,...

New Apps Target Care Coordination for COPD Patients

by Eric Wicklund

A California home healthcare provider is giving its COPD patients a HealthKit-compliant app designed to help them manage their condition. The app also integrates with the provider’s EHR platform, enabling caregivers to better monitor patients...

Using Smart Devices and Wearables to Tackle Childhood Asthma

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at Los Angeles’ two premier universities are joining forces to create an mHealth platform for children dealing with asthma. The team of USC and UCLA researchers has been awarded two grants totaling more than $11 million from...

Making the Family Tree a Decision Support Tool

by Eric Wicklund

One of the most vital – and often incomplete – elements of point-of-care clinical decision support is the family history. Too often clinicians have to rely on a paper questionnaire handed out in the waiting room and filled out by...

Telehealth Tools Impact the Clinical Trials Sector

by Vera Gruessner

The discovery and approval process of drug development can often span many years and clinical study researchers as well as sponsors and medical technology innovators are coming together to reduce this gap. On February 18, many representatives...


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