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Proposed VA Budget to Boost Telehealth, mHealth Capabilities

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) intends to increase its telehealth and mobile health capabilities in the coming years, according to the VA's budget submission for fiscal year 2016. In 2014, the federal agency spends $986...

UMD Provides Telehealth, Telestroke Services to Local Hospital

by Jennifer Bresnick

Stroke patients at Carroll Hospital Center will now have access to telehealth from the University of Maryland that will speed interventions and accelerate the pace of care for those with emergency needs.  The partnership will bring...

What is the State of the Telehealth Landscape?

by Ryan Mcaskill

In an interview, American Telemedicine Association CEO Jonathan Linkous discusses the current and future of telehealth. The adoption rate of telehealth services is picking up, but there are still challenges to getting there. Reimbursement...

Growing Telehealth Reach Impacts More Than Healthcare

by Ryan Mcaskill

As more healthcare facilities are embracing telehealth solutions, its impact goes beyond the hospital. The growth of the telehealth industry is clear to see. Across the country a number of states are debating legislation that would expand...

Illinois Telehealth Initiative Launched to Improve Adoption

by Ryan Mcaskill

Several hospitals and technology companies have come together to start the Illinois Telehealth Initiative. One of the major challenges in the healthcare realm is the growing gap between the number of people covered by some form of health...

Millennials Pushing for Adoption of Mobile Health Technology

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new study found that millennials are pushing for practitioners to embrace mobile health technology like telehealth and smartphones. Recently, Salesforce released the first version of a report call the “State of the Connected...

Telehealth Legislation Debated Across the Country

by Ryan Mcaskill

There are a number of debates happening in state government and courtrooms that will impact the future of telehealth. Earlier this week, we reported on a federal push to expand healthcare technology include telehealth strategies. On a...

Telehealth Future Continues to Look Bright

by Ryan Mcaskill

Various research points to the growing impact of mobile health and telemedicine strategies in the years ahead. Earlier this week, we recapped several industry forecasts that show the growth potential of the mobile health landscape. Areas...

21st Century Cures Initiative gets Started in Washington

by Ryan Mcaskill

Lawmakers are opening up the conversation about new healthcare solutions including mobile technology and telehealth. On January 27, the Energy & Commerce Committee of the United States House of Representatives released a discussion...

Florida Lawmakers Pushing Bill to Expand Telehealth Services

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new bill working its way through the Florida senate would increase the use of telehealth service throughout the state. While the use of telemedicine is starting to pick up across the healthcare landscape, federal and state policy is...

Forecasts Point to Strong Mobile Health Expansion

by Ryan Mcaskill

Several reports lay out the expansion possibilities of patient monitoring, telehealth and cloud technology through 2020. There are various ways that the mobile healthcare market is expanding. More technology is hitting the market that...

What is Limiting the Widespread Adoption of Telehealth?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telehealth has been hailed as the blockbuster technology of the future for decades, but has yet to truly break through into the mainstream healthcare system.  While the industry now has more enabling health IT than ever before, with...

Mississippi Pushing for Telehealth Reimbursement Reform

by Ryan Mcaskill

There have been several bills introduced in Congress that aim to improve the reimbursement rate of telehealth. One of the states that is leading the charge to change reimbursement for telehealth services is Mississippi. While it may seem...

Telehealth Market Poised for Multi-Billion Dollar Expansion

by Ryan Mcaskill

Many reports point to a major boom in the telehealth marketplace by the end of the decade which could reach $43.4B. The telehealth marketplace is gaining major steam. There are multiple aspects to the technology that is helping it to take...

Telehealth Requires Greater Investment in Infrastructure

by Ryan Mcaskill

With how quickly telehealth is evolving, strong infrastructure investment is needed for success. There are several factors that make a telehealth solution successful. One of the most important, can also be the most fickle -...

Remote Monitoring Works In and Out of the Hospital

by Ryan Mcaskill

Health facilities are using remote monitoring technology to watch patients at home and in the hospital. The use of remote monitoring technology within the healthcare field can take several different forms. One of the more common uses is...

Telemedicine Bill Passed in House

by Stephanie Reardon

According to a report on Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), on January 28, 2015, the Colorado House of Representatives passed a bill to allow private insurers to reimburse telemedicine services without the...

Remote Monitoring Becoming a Larger Part of Healthcare

by Ryan Mcaskill

The use of remote monitoring technology is growing across the healthcare industry. As mobile devices become more sophisticated, the quality of services available grow and these devices can become main tools in improving the quality of...

Telehealth a Major Opportunity for C-Level Executives

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new White Paper explains why telehealth services are one of the top trends for healthcare executives to watch. Examining the numerous lists of top trends in the healthcare landscape, one of the major topics continues to be mobile...


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