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Telemedicine Abortions

State Lawmakers Debate Telemedicine Abortions, Phone-Based Telehealth

March 20, 2019 - Legislators in Arkansas and Nebraska are debating two of telehealth’s more controversial concepts this week – phone-based virtual consults and telemedicine abortions. In Arkansas, that state’s House of Representatives shot down a proposed bill this week that would have allowed healthcare providers to treat new patients via telehealth following a phone consult and...

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Planned Parenthood Sues Wisconsin Over Telemedicine Abortion Ban

by Eric Wicklund

Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Wisconsin over its restrictive abortion laws – including a ban on telemedicine abortions. The 56-page lawsuit, filed this week in Madison by the national organization’s Wisconsin...

Kansas Judge Rules Against New Law Banning Telemedicine Abortions

by Eric Wicklund

A Kansas judge has shot down efforts by state lawmakers to ban telemedicine abortions, the second victory for supporters of the connected care service in two weeks. District Judge Franklin Theis ruled on Dec. 31 that the new law banning...

Michigan Governor Vetoes Extension of Telemedicine Abortion Ban

by Eric Wicklund

Michigan Gov. Bill Snyder has vetoed a proposal to extend the state’s six-year-old ban on telemedicine abortions. Snyder shot down Senate Bill 1998 following party-line votes in the state Senate and House in favor of the bill, which...

Michigan Lawmakers Move to Extend Ban on Telemedicine Abortions

by Eric Wicklund

Michigan lawmakers are moving forward with legislation to indefinitely extend a ban on abortions by telemedicine. The state’s Republican-majority Senate voted along party lines this week to continue a law enacted in 2012 that...

Kansas Faces Lawsuit Over Anti-Abortion Clause in Telemedicine Law

by Eric Wicklund

A national women’s rights organization is taking Kansas to court over a clause in its newly enacted telehealth regulations that prohibits abortions via telemedicine. The Center for Reproductive Rights filed suit this week...

Kansas Enacts New Telemedicine Law With Anti-Abortion Language

by Eric Wicklund

Kansas has passed new legislation defining telemedicine and telehealth and setting parity guidelines. Gov. Jeff Colyer signed H.B. 2028 into law over the weekend.   The new law contains a clause banning the use of telemedicine in...

Kansas Lawmakers to Debate Bill Banning Telemedicine Abortions

by Eric Wicklund

Kansas lawmakers are gearing up for debate on proposed telemedicine regulations that would, among other things, prohibit abortions by telemedicine. HB 2512, introduced on January 22, is the result of several months of negotiations between...

Research Compares Telemedicine Abortions to In-Person Services

by Eric Wicklund

Telemedicine abortions are as safe as those done by doctors in a clinic or hospital, according to the latest research from the University of California San Francisco. The large-scale study of some 20,000 patients comes at a time when 18...

Abortion Access Study Ties Telemedicine to Reduced Care Costs

by Eric Wicklund

Women who have access to abortion services via telemedicine could save thousands of dollars by using the platform for follow-up care instead of going to the nearest hospital ER. That’s the conclusion reached by Advancing New...

Study Supports Safety, Effectiveness of Telemedicine Abortions

by Eric Wicklund

A three-year study in Ireland and Northern Ireland has apparently proven the effectiveness and safety of abortions by telemedicine. The study, published online in the UK-based BMJ by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin,...

Telemedicine Abortion Debate Surfaces in West Virginia Senate

by Eric Wicklund

West Virginia has become the latest state to consider banning telemedicine abortions. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Republican Senator Patricia Rucker introduced an amendment this week to House Bill 2509 that prohibits...

Idaho Revises Anti-Abortion Telemedicine Legislation

by Eric Wicklund

Idaho’s Senate has voted to amend two-year-old telemedicine legislation that prohibits doctors from using an online platform to prescribe abortion-causing drugs. The Senate voted 28-7 this week to approve HB 250, which...

Utah Senator Chooses Telemedicine’s Value Over Politics

by Eric Wicklund

Utah senators are trying to de-politicize a telemedicine bill by removing language that would have banned so-called abortions-by-telemedicine. The Senate Standing Committee on Health and Human Services voted 6-2 this week to approve an...

Utah Moves to Restrict Abortions by Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

Utah lawmakers are mulling new telehealth regulations that would, among other things, prevent clinicians from dispensing abortion-causing medications through a virtual visit. HB 154, an amendment to various state rules that cover...

Idaho to End Telehealth Restrictions for Abortions

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth advocates are cheering the end of a legal battle in Idaho over whether healthcare providers could use virtual visits to treat women seeking an abortion. Planned Parenthood has announced the settlement of a lawsuit filed against...

Abortion Study Touts Telemedicine as a Care Management Tool

by Eric Wicklund

A new study is reviving the ongoing debate of offering abortions by telemedicine, positioning the platform as a means of improving patient-centered care. As reported in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, a study conducted by...


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