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4 Tips to Figuring mHealth Into Healthcare Construction Projects

by Eric Wicklund

When configuring mHealth or telehealth into a health system renovation, expansion or new construction, it’s important to remember one rule. Make sure you have enough power outlets. OK, that may seem a bit simplistic, but many health systems...

CMS to Reimburse for Specialty Care Consults in Connecticut

by Eric Wicklund

Connecticut health centers are now being reimbursed for telemedicine consults with specialists, helping residents who would sometimes have to wait a year for an appointment. The announcement by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services...

Study: Video Therapy Can Help Cancer Patients

by Eric Wicklund

Video therapy may help the estimated half of all cancer patients who suffer some form of memory loss after chemotherapy. It’s the latest in a growing number of reports that tout the value of video visits in reaching rural and underserved...

In-State Telehealth Restrictions May Soon Be Eliminated

by Eric Wicklund

The last two states to severely hinder out-of-state telemedicine companies from operating within their borders may soon be changing their ways. While legislation eliminating certain telemedicine barriers breezed through Alaska’s House and...

New Report Paints a Frustrating Picture for Telehealth Advancement

by Eric Wicklund

An analysis of state telehealth and Medicaid reimbursement policies finds a wide range of connected health practices across the country – so varied, in fact, that states can’t even agree on a definition for telehealth. The fourth...

Online Training, Cetification Offered for Virtual Care Doctors

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers generally agree that a virtual visit requires a different skillset than an in-person visit. Now a California-based telehealth provider is offering free training and certification for clinicians eager to get into the field....

Telemedicine Chemotherapy Program Sees Success Down Under

by Eric Wicklund

What better location to prove the value of telemedicine than the Australian Outback? Videoconferencing platforms have proven their value in the U.S. for diverse healthcare services like abortions, ER consults and behavioral health. Now a hospital...

Is Telemedicine As Reliable As The In-Person Visit?

by Eric Wicklund

A targeted test of eight popular direct-to-consumer telehealth platforms has found that roughly one in four visits produces an incorrect or incomplete diagnosis – and doctors performing these virtual visits followed standard protocols little...

Telehealth Cuts Treatment Costs, Improves Outcomes for Autistic Children and Their Families

by Eric Wicklund

A new study out of the University of Iowa finds that parents of children on the autism spectrum can greatly reduce their treatment costs by using telehealth. The platform could also improve a family’s ability to communicate with an autistic...

Telehealth Helps Houston FD Improve 911 Efficiency

by Eric Wicklund

The Houston Fire Department is using a telemedicine platform to screen 911 calls before they become unnecessary ER visits. Called Project Ethan (Emergency TeleHealth And Navigation), the platform links the city’s fire and rescue first-responders...

AHA Gives Telehealth Its Own Web Page

by Eric Wicklund

The American Hospital Association has launched an online resource on local, state and national telehealth programs. From emergency department care to remote patient monitoring for chronic care management and access to care from specialists, telehealth...

Abortion-by-Telemedicine Pilot Launches in 4 States

by Eric Wicklund

A first-of-its-kind telemedicine abortion pilot has begun in four states, giving women an opportunity to receive their medications by mail and speak with a doctor from their own home. The project, developed by New York-based Gynuity Health Services,...

Survey: Telemedicine Helps the Patient More Than the Provider

by Eric Wicklund

Health systems across the country are turning to telemedicine to improve patient outcomes, access and satisfaction – but they’re still having trouble profiting from it. That’s one of the key takeaways of the “2016 U.S....

Alaska May Open its Doors to Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

Alaska lawmakers are uniting behind a bill that would, for the first time, enable the state’s Medicaid participants to access telemedicine services from out-of-state providers. SB 74 “could be a major change that will affect the entire...

Telemedicine Still Isn’t Winning Hearts and Minds

by Eric Wicklund

More than half of the respondents in a new survey say they wouldn’t use telemedicine, either because they don’t trust the technology or they prefer an in-person visit. Yet more than 90 percent of those who have used telemedicine say...

Telehealth Gains Favor in Florida

by Eric Wicklund

Count Florida among the states embracing telemedicine, though the move toward reimbursement parity may take a few years. The Sunshine State’s House and Senate recently passed legislation – almost unanimously in both chambers –...

Has Telemedicine Proven its Value?

by Eric Wicklund

Does telemedicine increase healthcare costs rather than reducing them? A recent meeting of the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee raised that question, during a discussion of why more doctors aren’t using the technology. One theory is...

Interstate Licensing Problematic for Telemedicine Market

by Jacqueline Belliveau

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact may be a way for private organizations to use telemedicine as a financial gain rather than a method for providing quality patient care, according to a press release by the Association of American Physicians...

Do Retail Clinics Actually Increase Healthcare Costs?

by Eric Wicklund

A new study questions whether retail clinics are driving up healthcare costs – and perhaps even creating a nation of wimps. The study, by the RAND Corporation, found that consumers with low-severity illnesses who had access to a retail...

Texas Board’s Ruling is a Victory for Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth’s value to mental health counseling scored an important victory last week when a Texas regulatory board shot down new restrictions to distance counseling. In a case closely watched in dozens of states and at the national level,...


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