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Healthcare Providers Give Smartglasses Another Look


Healthcare hasn’t given up on smartglasses just yet. Today’s announcement that five large health systems have invested in Augmedix puts the high-tech eyewear back in the spotlight, even as the market front-runner – Google, with...

Humana Turns the Apple Watch into a Medication Management Tool


One of the nation’s largest insurers is allowing members to order prescriptions through their Apple Watch. The Louisville, Ky.-based company last month introduced its second Apple Watch app, enabling users to scan the barcode or photograph...

mHealth’s Benefits Are Coming into Focus for Eye Doctors


Until recently, mHealth in eye care generally consisted of a doctor driving around in a van, providing eye exams for those not inclined or able to visit the local eye doctor. But the advent of mHealth technology and cloud-based platforms has...

ResearchKit - The Perfect Platform for Population Health?


Offering access to anyone in the world with an iPhone, Apple’s ResearchKit is becoming a popular platform for population health studies. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Boston Children’s Hospital, where researchers are now...

97.6M mHealth Wearable Devices to Ship Yearly by 2021


The market for wearable technology is expected to grow as more healthcare providers are using the mHealth technology to improve patient outcomes and help providers make more informed healthcare decisions, according to a recent study by Tractica....

Secure Text Messaging Apps Boost Provider Communication


Secure text messaging apps may be the future of interprofessional communication within a hospital, according to a recent report published in the Journal of Medical Information Research. A research team led by Bhavesh Patel, BSc, MB BS, MRCS,...

mHealth Apps Need Better Regulation Despite Clinical Benefits


mHealth apps and online health tools have several clinical benefits, but their ubiquitous availability and low levels of regulation present significant risk, says a research team led by Linda Wilhelmina Maria van Kerkhof, PhD. In a study published...

ResearchKit Challenge Focuses on Moody Behaviors


The latest ResearchKit study could turn the iPhone into a mood ring. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has launched a $500,000 competition that challenges researchers to use Apple’s clinical research platform to measure moods. The Mood...

FTC Creates Tool to Help Developers Find mHealth Regulations


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced the release of a web-based tool that will help mHealth developers to determine what mobile health regulations and laws might apply to their apps, according to a press release. The FTC partnered...

Secure Text Messaging Study Shows Clinical Benefits


Two Pennsylvania hospitals have found that care teams using a secure text-messaging program can reduce their patients’ length of stay. A study of some 11,500 patients at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Presbyterian Medical...

Will ‘Wanda’ Solve a Health System’s mHealth Security Concerns?


Researchers at Dartmouth College are developing a mobile “wand” that could protect sensitive data and images transmitted between devices in the health system setting. Called “Wanda,” the device is equipped with two antennas...

WHO Unveils Standards for Global mHealth Projects


mHealth experts often wonder whether a successful smartphone-based public health program in Africa might translate to Asia or South America, or if a population health project in India can affect the same outcomes in the Caribbean. Those questions...

mHealth for Children: 4 Concepts That Could Change the World


An Israeli startup developing a smart thermometer is among a new wave of companies finding mHealth inspiration in unusual places for children. RespiDx, based in Jerusalem, has received a $150,000 grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development...

Top 5 Guidelines for Using mHealth Data Responsibly


A global research organization is hoping a new set of guidelines for the development and use of personal health technologies will make them more palatable to healthcare. The five guidelines for “responsible innovation and stewardship”...

FTC Takes the Lead in mHealth App Regulation


In what could be the “new normal” for mHealth app regulation, the Federal Trade Commission is sanctioning the developer of an app that pledges to improve visual acuity, saying the company doesn’t provide enough proof that the...

ResearchKit takes on genetic data, NFL health issues


ResearchKit is once again shaking up the mHealth ecosystem. Apple’s provider-facing app platform will soon be able to include genetic information in clinical research studies, thanks to a module developed by 23andMe. Two ongoing projects...

Can Smartphones Help Diagnose Skin Cancer?


A $14 device available at any electronics store may soon enable doctors to use their smartphones to diagnose skin cancers. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have reported using “smartphone...

How an mHealth Project Fighting Rabies in Africa Might Shape Population Health Efforts


A smartphone-based mHealth surveillance project in Tanzania is earning kudos for its success in containing a deadly disease – and it could be a model for similar population health efforts in the U.S. and elsewhere. The program, launched...

mHealth Hits a Roadblock in Crisis Response


Healthcare providers looking for an mHealth-enabled way to connect with people in crisis might do best to avoid Siri or Cortana for now. Apple’s and Microsoft’s voice-activated apps and two other widely used personal assistant platforms...

mHealth App Security is a Myth, New Survey Finds


Close to 90 percent of healthcare executives surveyed for a recent study feel their organization’s apps are “adequately secure.” Yet 86 percent of the most popular apps used by healthcare provides aren’t that safe. The...


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