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mHealth Put to Work on the Science of Sleep


IBM and Apple are bringing their mHealth platforms in to tackle a health issue that affects almost everyone: Getting a good night’s sleep. In a partnership announced late Tuesday at HIMSS16, IBM’s Watson Health and the American Sleep...

Healthcare is Finding Plenty of Uses for Tablets


The American Cancer Society is turning to tablets to help breast cancer patients keep tabs on their health while at home. The organization is partnering with Samsung in a pilot program at the Athens Medical Center’s Breast Health Center...

A Global mHealth Project Sets its Sights on America’s Underserved


A non-profit program that’s supplying mHealth technology and resources to Third World nations is now setting its sights on underserved parts of our own country. Health eVillages, launched in 2011 by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice...

Philips Unveils a Wearable for Hospitals


One of the bigger players in the hospital-to-home market is bypassing the Fitbits and Jawbones and developing its own clinical wearable. Philips officials say the medical-grade biosensor will gather vital signs – including temperature and...

Doctors Still Don’t Trust mHealth Apps


Healthcare providers have taken a disturbing hit in a recent survey on mHealth app popularity. According to Berlin-based Research2Guidance, more than half of providers surveyed say stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play are now and will...

Can mHealth Help Battle Opioid Abuse?


A new survey finds that barely half of the nation’s physicians realize they can check a database at any time to determine if their patients are abusing opioids, and even fewer are using it. The survey of some 1,300 doctors, conducted late...

The Future of mHealth Wearables May Focus on Smartglasses


The intersection of mHealth and wearables most often focuses on the wrist, where fitness bands and smartwatches have ruled the roost. But what if we’re looking at the wrong place for the key to solving the consumer engagement puzzle? How...

mHealth and RTLS: When Minutes and Movements Matter


Real-time location technology has longed helped healthcare providers keep track of equipment and manage inventory. Now it’s being paired with mHealth tools to help patients. The Northwest Michigan Surgery Center in Traverse City, Mich.,...

In Rating mHealth Apps, The Best Standard May Be Personal Experience


The best way to rate an mHealth app these days? Try it out yourself. That’s the decidedly-negative conclusion reached by a team of researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In a study published on Feb. 10  in...

mHealth Takes a Closer Look at the Smart Contact Lens


Digital health researchers are looking past smartglasses – literally – and finding value in wearables much closer to the eye. A team at Columbia University Medical Center has found that tech-enhanced contact lenses can be used to...

Giving Wearables a Place in the Patient Record


Carolinas HealthCare is meeting the wearables craze head-on with an app platform designed to bring health and wellness data into the care team conversation. The Charlotte, N.C.-based health system has launched two apps that enable consumers to...

Wearables Can Help People With Heart Conditions - If Only They’d Wear Them


A new survey finds that people with heart disease can benefit from activity trackers and other mHealth devices. Few, however, are actually using them. According to HealthMine, three-quarters of people with known heart disease and/or risk said...

Looking Back at CES: Are Consumers and Doctors Finally Bridging the mHealth Gap?


With CES 2016 in the rear-view mirror, mHealth experts are assessing whether the glitz and glam of Las Vegas yielded any jackpots for healthcare providers. The consumer-focused conference is seeing more digital health each year, and what once...

NewYork-Presbyterian’s New App is a Study in Simplicity


Roughly one week ago, NewYork-Presbyterian launched a new smartphone app for patients in the Apple App Store. Sometime next week, the New York City-based health system will be releasing its third iteration of the app. “We like to be nimble,”...

Making a Case for Pagers - and Smartphones - in Care Team Coordination


The death of the pager has been reported more than once in healthcare circles. Now an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association is bringing it back to life for a while. Written by University of California-San Francisco doctors...

Ride-Sharing Apps Target a Healthcare Pain Point


Healthcare providers are turning to the latest craze in transportation to make sure their patients make their medical appointments. The ride-sharing service Lyft announced this week that it’s working with the National Medtrans Network’s...

Apple, Fitbit Accused of Stealing Wearable Technology


A developer of biometric sensing technology used in wearables has filed suit against both Apple and Fitbit, claiming the two companies are using patent-protected technology in their consumer-facing fitness bands. Filed in U.S. District Court...

mHealth Comes to the Rescue in Emergencies


An innovative program in New Jersey that uses an app to dispatch volunteer first responders to medical emergencies has saved its first life. News reports indicate Yves Delphin, one of the first graduates in Jersey City-based United Rescue’s...

Using Apps to Bridge the Gap Between Healthcare and Health Management


It’s estimated that one in every three Americans is at risk of developing diabetes in his or her lifetime. Just as importantly, half of those who do deal with the chronic condition suffer additional health problems because of stress. Those...

Using Digital Health to Save Lives


Some early-stage mHealth projects have focused on using wearables to deliver targeted doses of medication at specific times – think insulin pumps for diabetics or nicotine patches for smokers.  Now a Harvard University partnership...


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