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mHealth for Children: 4 Concepts That Could Change the World


An Israeli startup developing a smart thermometer is among a new wave of companies finding mHealth inspiration in unusual places for children. RespiDx, based in Jerusalem, has received a $150,000 grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development...

Top 5 Guidelines for Using mHealth Data Responsibly


A global research organization is hoping a new set of guidelines for the development and use of personal health technologies will make them more palatable to healthcare. The five guidelines for “responsible innovation and stewardship”...

FTC Takes the Lead in mHealth App Regulation


In what could be the “new normal” for mHealth app regulation, the Federal Trade Commission is sanctioning the developer of an app that pledges to improve visual acuity, saying the company doesn’t provide enough proof that the...

ResearchKit takes on genetic data, NFL health issues


ResearchKit is once again shaking up the mHealth ecosystem. Apple’s provider-facing app platform will soon be able to include genetic information in clinical research studies, thanks to a module developed by 23andMe. Two ongoing projects...

Can Smartphones Help Diagnose Skin Cancer?


A $14 device available at any electronics store may soon enable doctors to use their smartphones to diagnose skin cancers. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have reported using “smartphone...

How an mHealth Project Fighting Rabies in Africa Might Shape Population Health Efforts


A smartphone-based mHealth surveillance project in Tanzania is earning kudos for its success in containing a deadly disease – and it could be a model for similar population health efforts in the U.S. and elsewhere. The program, launched...

mHealth Hits a Roadblock in Crisis Response


Healthcare providers looking for an mHealth-enabled way to connect with people in crisis might do best to avoid Siri or Cortana for now. Apple’s and Microsoft’s voice-activated apps and two other widely used personal assistant platforms...

mHealth App Security is a Myth, New Survey Finds


Close to 90 percent of healthcare executives surveyed for a recent study feel their organization’s apps are “adequately secure.” Yet 86 percent of the most popular apps used by healthcare provides aren’t that safe. The...

App + Smartphone = Diagnostic Tool?


An app that identifies different types of respiratory distress simply by having someone cough into a smartphone is now facing FDA evaluation, and will soon be part of a global study targeting pneumonia in the developing world. ResApp, launched...

Digital Decision Support: 4 Examples of mHealth in Action


Clinical decision support tools have come a long way from the thick, heavy books that line the walls of a doctor’s office. Nowadays, the clinician needs access to real-time decision support, whether it be at the bedside or while talking...

Meet the mHealth Platform That Will Make ResearchKit Better


When it was launched in early 2015, Apple’s ResearchKit platform opened clinical research to new populations and possibilities, thanks to its connection with the iPhone, and spawned a number of potentially ground-breaking studies. Now it’s...

ResearchKit Project Makes its Data Public


One of the first ResearchKit projects is going live with its data. Sage Bionetworks has released information collected from more than 9,500 consumers for future studies on people with Parkinson’s disease. The information, collected over...

A Digital Health Platform Helps NICU Parents Face the Challenges


An innovative new mHealth program aims to help the stressed out parents of newborns in neonatal intensive care units. The program, a partnership between Costco and an mHealth startup called NeoCare Solutions, gives Costco employees who have children...

mHealth Put to Work on the Science of Sleep


IBM and Apple are bringing their mHealth platforms in to tackle a health issue that affects almost everyone: Getting a good night’s sleep. In a partnership announced late Tuesday at HIMSS16, IBM’s Watson Health and the American Sleep...

Healthcare is Finding Plenty of Uses for Tablets


The American Cancer Society is turning to tablets to help breast cancer patients keep tabs on their health while at home. The organization is partnering with Samsung in a pilot program at the Athens Medical Center’s Breast Health Center...

A Global mHealth Project Sets its Sights on America’s Underserved


A non-profit program that’s supplying mHealth technology and resources to Third World nations is now setting its sights on underserved parts of our own country. Health eVillages, launched in 2011 by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice...

Philips Unveils a Wearable for Hospitals


One of the bigger players in the hospital-to-home market is bypassing the Fitbits and Jawbones and developing its own clinical wearable. Philips officials say the medical-grade biosensor will gather vital signs – including temperature and...

Doctors Still Don’t Trust mHealth Apps


Healthcare providers have taken a disturbing hit in a recent survey on mHealth app popularity. According to Berlin-based Research2Guidance, more than half of providers surveyed say stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play are now and will...

Can mHealth Help Battle Opioid Abuse?


A new survey finds that barely half of the nation’s physicians realize they can check a database at any time to determine if their patients are abusing opioids, and even fewer are using it. The survey of some 1,300 doctors, conducted late...

The Future of mHealth Wearables May Focus on Smartglasses


The intersection of mHealth and wearables most often focuses on the wrist, where fitness bands and smartwatches have ruled the roost. But what if we’re looking at the wrong place for the key to solving the consumer engagement puzzle? How...


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