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ATA’s Practice Guidelines Target Telestroke, Telemental Health

April 13, 2017 - The American Telemedicine Association has launched two practice guidelines to help healthcare providers launching telemedicine services. The practice guidelines for telestroke and child and adolescent telemental health “advance the science of and growing need for telemedicine and help ensure uniform and effective quality of services for patients in need of these health-enhancing, life-saving...

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ATA’s Practice Guidelines Target Telestroke, Telemental Health

by Eric Wicklund

The American Telemedicine Association has launched two practice guidelines to help healthcare providers launching telemedicine services. The practice guidelines for telestroke and child and adolescent telemental health “advance the science...

AMIA: mHealth Tools are Vital to Bridge the ‘Health IT Chasm’

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth tools and platforms could go a long way toward bridging the “health IT chasm” that exists between healthcare providers and their patients. Digital and connected health tools play a big part in two policy documents unveiled...

AMA Adopts mHealth Principles, Takes Aim at App Security Standards

by Eric Wicklund

The American Medical Association has signaled its support for mHealth with new policies designed to support physicians adopting mobile health apps and devices. While approving an eight-part set of mHealth principles at its mid-year meeting this...

AMA to Discuss mHealth App Data Security Guidelines

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth app security tops the agenda at this week’s American Medical Association meeting, with delegates expected to vote on an 11-point policy that would strengthen privacy and transparency efforts. A report prepared by the AMA’s...

FTC Sides With Teladoc in Texas Telehealth Battle

by Eric Wicklund

Teladoc is gaining new support in its battle with the Texas Medical Board over proposed telehealth restrictions. The Federal Trade Commission last week sent a 44-page letter to the U.S. 5th Circuit Court that criticizes Texas medical officials...

FDA Steps Back from ‘Low Risk’ mHealth Regulation

by Eric Wicklund

Federal officials won’t regulate activity trackers and other mHealth devices and apps that focus on “general wellness” – though they may intervene if the products in question touch on clinical applications. The long-awaited...

ONC Report Exposes mHealth’s Security Flaws, But Who Should Fix Them?

by Eric Wicklund

Federal oversight of consumer health information isn’t keeping up with the fast-moving mHealth ecosystem, according to a new report. And it’s up to the healthcare industry to close those privacy and security gaps. That’s the...

AMA Approves Ethical Guidelines for Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

After three years of discussion and a year of delays, the American Medical Association has signaled its support of telehealth. The 230,000-member organization “overwhelmingly” approved a set of guidelines for the ethical practice...

AMA Tries Again to Set Telemedicine Ethics

by Eric Wicklund

The American Medical Association is once again ready to wade into telemedicine ethics. After punting the issue last June and again in November, the AMA’s House of Delegates will begin debate this weekend on guidelines that define “the...

Analyzing Telemental Health: 50 States, 50 Policies

by Eric Wicklund

Mental health providers have long seen telehealth as a much-needed solution to dealing with the nation’s growing numbers of people with behavioral issues. Now a national healthcare law firm has published a state-by-state guide to telemental...

Project ECHO Poised to Become a National Telehealth Model

by Eric Wicklund

A ground-breaking telehealth project launched in 2011 to push hub-and-spoke videoconferencing platforms out to rural providers may become a national initiative. Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) have introduced the Expanding...

In-State Telehealth Restrictions May Soon Be Eliminated

by Eric Wicklund

The last two states to severely hinder out-of-state telemedicine companies from operating within their borders may soon be changing their ways. While legislation eliminating certain telemedicine barriers breezed through Alaska’s House and...

FTC Creates Tool to Help Developers Find mHealth Regulations

by Jacqueline Belliveau

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced the release of a web-based tool that will help mHealth developers to determine what mobile health regulations and laws might apply to their apps, according to a press release. The FTC partnered...

FTC Takes the Lead in mHealth App Regulation

by Eric Wicklund

In what could be the “new normal” for mHealth app regulation, the Federal Trade Commission is sanctioning the developer of an app that pledges to improve visual acuity, saying the company doesn’t provide enough proof that the...

Will mHealth be a Key Ingredient in the Precision Medicine Initiative?

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth devices and platforms will play a crucial role in President Barack Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative, as healthcare looks to make medicine very personal. Unveiled a year ago by President Obama during his State of the Union Address...

Will the CBO Give Telemedicine a Fair Shake?

by Eric Wicklund

With Congress soon to see proposed legislation that would allow more Medicaid coverage of telehealth services, some are wondering if those bills will get a fair shake from those in control of the purse strings. According to a recent story in...

Is the FDA Abandoning its mHealth App Regulation Plans?

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers looking for guidance from the Food and Drug Administration on the regulation of mobile medical apps may have to wait a while – possibly a few years. Speakers at a recent Food and Drug Law Institute conference in Washington...

Cross-State Licensing Compact Gains Momentum

by Eric Wicklund

Twelve states have now signed an agreement to streamline the licensing process for clinicians wanting to practice medicine across state lines. Wisconsin became the latest state to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, with Gov. Scott...

AHRQ Calls for More Validation of Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Although there have been hundreds of reviews and hundreds of thousands of mentions since 2006, telehealth is still very much a cutting-edge technology – and not validated enough in most cases that legislators can draft adequate policies...

Congress Set to See a Flurry of Telehealth Activity

by Eric Wicklund

A Senate bill introduced this past week would spur additional Medicare coverage of telehealth in rural areas by allowing more telehealth projects at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. It’s one of two pieces of telemedicine...


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