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mHealth Tools Help Hospitals Improve the Physician Query Process

June 20, 2018 - Mobile health technology is helping to make the cumbersome process of responding to physician queries easier for physicians, giving them more time to spend with their patients. Often considered a necessary evil in the hospital-based physician’s busy workflow, queries are administrative tasks designed to make sure the physician’s notes are accurate and complete in the medical record....


New NIH App is an mHealth Resource on Herbs, Herbal Supplements


The National Institutes of Health has unveiled an mHealth app offering information and resources on herbs and herbal supplements. HerbList, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, aims to get in front of the growing interest in...

CMS Embraces mHealth With Reimbursement for Smartphone CGM Links


Healthcare providers who collaborate with diabetic patients through smartphone-enabled continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) will soon be reimbursed under Medicare. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced the change in coverage...

An mHealth App Helps Injured Vets Connect With Healthcare Resources


Injured veterans will soon have access to an mHealth app that connects them and their caregivers to healthcare and rehab services. The Oscar Mike Foundation, a non-profit focused on keeping injured veterans active and healthy, is partnering with...

mHealth Tools Can Play a Role in Managing Schizophrenia Treatment


Mobile health advocates are touting another mHealth program that has proven its value in treating people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington, a mobile health platform that...

AHRQ Finds Few Reliable mHealth Apps for Diabetes Care Management


A new report says most mHealth apps for diabetes care management haven’t been proven clinically effective – and that consumers are “experimenting on themselves” when they use these digital health tools. Funded by the Agency...

Mayo Clinic Uses An mHealth App to Identify Epileptic Seizures


Researchers at the Mayor Clinic are reporting success with an mHealth app that can diagnose epilepsy. The EpiFinder app reportedly correctly identified epilepsy or offered an accurate alternative diagnosis in almost 87 percent of the cases during...

Fitbit Makes a Mobile Health Connection With New Smartwatch Apps


Fitbit is beefing up the mHealth capabilities of its smartwatch. The developer of the nation’s most popular fitness tracker is continuing its push to combine direct-to-consumer technology with clinical validation in the Ionic, which came...

mHealth Scores High With Consumers in Boosting Medication Adherence


Consumers are looking to mobile health tools, such as mHealth apps and wearables, to improve their medication adherence. A recent study of some 800 prescription medication users, conducted by Russell Research for Express Scripts, finds that roughly...

ResearchKit Study to Test Smartphones’ mHealth Value in Eye Studies


Novartis wants to know if smartphones are good enough to be used in eye studies. The pharma giant has launched a new project on Apple’s ResearchKit platform to gather data on how smartphones can be used in ophthalmology programs. Through...

mHealth Strategies Need Careful Planning to Reach the Underserved


mHealth programs are often hailed as a means of improving access to care for underserved populations, but how do those mobile health platforms reach those people? After all, they’re underserved for a reason. The first step, experts say,...

mHealth Apps With CDS Can Help Doctors Make Quicker, Better Decisions


mHealth apps for clinical decision support can help clinicians make better and quicker decisions about ordering diagnostic and lab tests, according to a recent study by researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine and the Centers of Disease...

mHealth App Aims to Help Caregivers Identify Perinatal Depression


A new mHealth app aims to help obstetricians by giving them a mobile health resource to detect and manage depression in pregnant woman and new mothers. Developed at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and University of Massachusetts Medical School,...

mHealth Research Touts Digital Health ‘Touches’ to Fight Drug Abuse


Digital health advocates say an automated mHealth messaging platform can help people dealing with opioid abuse to curb their cravings. Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis are making the argument following...

mHealth Interventions Need Care Team Support to Affect Outcomes


An mHealth app that’s designed to help users manage uncontrolled hypertension won’t work unless it offers personalized interventions – including a real-time link to the care team. That’s the take-away from a mobile health...

mHealth Replaces The Specialist Consult in Retinopathy Detection


Federal regulators have given the green light to mHealth technology that can identify diabetic retinopathy in adults without the need for a specialist consult. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared the IDx-DR, which uses artificial...

AMA Challenges mHealth Providers to Improve Chronic Care Management


The American Medical Association is challenging the mobile health community to come up with a better way for patients to share their data with doctors in chronic care management programs. The AMA is partnering with Google in the Health Care Interoperability...

An mHealth App Beats The Physical Exam For Accuracy in One Study


Canadian researchers have found that an mHealth app is better than a traditional bedside examination for determining blood flow in a patient’s wrist. In a study published this month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), doctors...

Apple Health’s mHealth Platform Expands to Almost 40 Health Systems


In a bid to boost mHealth interoperability across the country, almost 40 US health systems are now allowing patients to access read-only copies of their medical records through the Apple Health app. Apple officials released an update to the company’s...

mHealth Research on Mental Health Taps Into One’s Tapping Habits


Healthcare providers looking to use mHealth in behavioral health treatment have long struggled to make the technology unobtrusive. But recent research suggests that remote monitoring of people with mental health issues could be done by analyzing...


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