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mHealth Apps Are Failing the Usability Test


Some of the most popular mHealth apps are basically useless, according to a new study out of the University of California at San Francisco. The study, published this week in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, finds that the apps aren’t...

Why Isn’t mHealth More Popular?


A recent survey of Canadian consumers finds they share the same opinion of mHealth as their American neighbors: They want to use the technology to manage their health, but they aren’t. Commissioned by TELUS Health, the May survey of slightly...

Canadian Study Links ER Surge to Home Monitoring Devices


A Canadian study finds that people using mHealth devices to monitor their blood pressure at home are causing a surge in unnecessary ER visits. The study, conducted by Clare Atzema, an emergency physician at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences...

Do Doctors, Patients Take mHealth Seriously?


Doctors and patients apparently have different views on the value of mHealth. A new survey conducted by Nielsen on behalf of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP) finds that, at most, 52 percent of primary care physicians have...

mHealth Study: Caregivers Want Medication Management Help


New research indicates medication management apps are a high priority for caregivers – but few are actually using them. A study by Parks Associates finds that 11 percent of today’s caregivers are using mHealth tools that feature medication...

Mount Sinai Turns the Patient Portal into an mHealth Tool


The Mount Sinai Health System has turned its patient portal into an app. The new MountSinaiNY app “is a digital gateway” the New York-based health system’s services, executive vice president and CIO Kumar Chatani said in a press...

Can a Wearable Help Cancer Patients Manage Their Pain?


A wearable device that would help cancer patients and their care providers deal with chronic pain will be at the center of a new digital health study. The San Diego-based Scripps Translational Science Institute will partner with Waltham, Mass.-based...

Are Providers Paying Attention to mHealth Hygiene?


That smartphone in the hands of a doctor or nurse may not be a sanitary as you think. A study conducted at one French hospital uncovered traces of viral RNA on almost 40 percent of devices, while a corresponding survey indicated 20 percent of...

Europe Drafts a Code of Conduct for mHealth Apps


The European Commission has drafted a code of conduct for mHealth app developers. The 23-page document, presented earlier this month by an EU Working Group, is designed to “foster trust among users of mobile applications which process personal...

UK Unveils New mHealth Reimbursement Program


Roughly 20 innovative health products, including apps and mHealth devices, will be offered free of charge each year to patients and providers in the UK’s National Health Service under a new program to boost innovation and patient engagement....

mHealth Thermometers: No Touch, No Problem


An mHealth-enabled thermometer that can accurately measure temperature without touching the body is finding favor in and outside the hospital. ARC Devices’ InstaTemp thermometers are proving popular in hospitals across the country –...

Using Wearables to Empower the Patient


As healthcare waits and wonders if the FitBits and Apple Watches of the world will become relevant to clinicians, some mHealth companies are looking to become relevant to consumers. AliveCor, a San Francisco-based developer of mobile ECG technology...

mHealth App Contest Winners Focus on Collaboration


Three mHealth apps named winners in NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s InnovateNYP Pediatric App Challenge put the focus squarely on collaboration. Each tackles an important pediatric health issue by enabling clinicians, caregivers and patients...

A New mHealth App Validation Resource Sets Up Shop


A new non-profit based in Boston’s fertile healthcare sector wants to help clinicians and patients trust their mHealth apps. The Cambridge-based Hacking Medicine Institute has launched RANKED Health, a program to verify the clinical relevance...

New Partnership Puts the Mobility into mHeath


Vodafone is partnering with a San Francisco-based robotics company to give mHealth a whole new meaning to patients with mobility issues. The global telecommunications giant is throwing its support – and its smart-device support platform...

With mHealth Platforms, the Smartphone is Just the Beginning


Health systems are finding that an enterprise-wide smartphone platform is much more than just a cool way to give everyone a new phone. For Autumn Foy, director of clinical informatics at Onslow Memorial Hospital, putting some 325 iPhones into...

FDA’s mHealth Innovation Program Sees Success in its First Year


A year-old FDA program designed to help innovative mHealth companies speed their potentially life-saving products to market has so far accepted more than half of its applicants. In all, 17 of 29 applications for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s...

New mHealth Partnership Opens a Digital Link to the EHR


A California-based chain of urgent care clinics is integrating data from a digital stethoscope into its electronic health record, giving clinicians instant access to heart and lung sounds. Direct Urgent Care, serving some 30,000 consumers in...

mHealth Lends an Ear to Speech Recognition Technology


The longest journey in healthcare may be the distance from the doctor’s mouth to the medical record. And that’s where speech recognition technology may do the most good. It’s an mHealth tool just now coming into its own, says...

mHealth’s Answer to Mobile Security May Be NFMI


A chip-and-antenna technology that creates a wireless “bubble” around users is being touted as the next big thing in mHealth security. Near Field Magnetic Induction (NMFI) creates a short-range (up to nine feet), low-power magnetic...


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