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Many mHealth Apps for Mental Health Aren’t Offering Sound Advice


New research suggests that mHealth apps designed to address mental health issues may be doing more harm than good. In a study of some 60 popular consumer-facing mobile health apps available in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, Researchers...

HHS Is Looking For mHealth Devices That Can Diagnose Influenza


Federal officials are hoping to head the upcoming flu season off at the pass with an mHealth device that would allow consumers to test themselves at home for the influenza virus and connect with a care provider via telemedicine for...

Maryland Seeks Providers for New School-Based Telehealth Programs


Maryland officials are looking to expand the state’s school-based telehealth platform. The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) has made available two $200,000 grants for new telehealth programs in the state, one to increase...

mHealth Program to Help NYC Firefighters Monitor Blood Pressure


New York City firefighters, both active and retired, will soon have access to an mHealth device to monitor their blood pressure. The Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York City (UFOA), representing some 2,600 active members and...

CMS Proposes More Medicare Reimbursement For Telehealth, RPM


The federal government is once again moving toward acceptance of telehealth and remote patient monitoring with new rules on how Medicare reimburses providers for their use of connected health technology. The Centers for Medicare &...

InTouch Health Joins Newly Launched Global Telehealth Program


One of the nation’s largest telehealth companies is joining forces with a newly-formed international non-profit to support connected care projects around the world. The World Telehealth Initiative launched this week “with the...

FCC Eyes Support for Telehealth, RPM Projects Serving Rural America


Federal authorities are proposing to launch a $100 million program to support telehealth and telemedicine programs for underserved populations, including remote patient monitoring programs that have shown past success in treating rural...

STSI Study Finds mHealth Wearable Effective in Detecting AFib


An mHealth wearable designed to monitor the user’s heart health was three times better at detecting atrial fibrillation than regular screening in a doctor’s office. That’s the long-awaited takeaway from the mHealth...

Are State Medicaid Programs Doing Enough to Support Telemedicine?


Roughly 40 percent of the nation’s Medicaid programs are taking a progressive approach to telehealth and telemedicine reimbursement, according to a new analysis. At the same time, about 20 percent of state programs are classified as...

How One VNA Uses mHealth to Boost Care Management and Coordination


mHealth technology works best when it improves care management and coordination for patients going through transition. For the Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, the largest provider of post-acute and community-based healthcare in...

Delaware Medical Board Tightens Up Its Telemedicine Regulations


Delaware’s Board of Medicine has tightened up its telehealth and telemedicine regulations. Following a public comment period, the board enacted new guidelines in June that clarify language in the state’s Medical Practice Act,...

Medicare Expands Remote Patient Monitoring for Home Health Agencies


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has proposed changes to the Home Health Prospective Payment System so that home health agencies can include the cost of remote patient monitoring on the Medicare cost report form. CMS...

Cleveland Clinic Offers Patients Mobile Health Data Access


Cleveland Clinic will offer patients mobile access to their personal health data through Health Records on iPhone, as well as through the MyChart application. Both Health Records and MyChart offer patients a complete view of their health...

AMA Announces Winners of Mobile Health Data Sharing Challenge


The American Medical Association is honoring three mHealth startups for developing “cutting edge” platforms that make use of mobile health data. The three were chosen as the best from 36 entries in the AMA Health Care...

Using mHealth as a Care Management Tool for Bariatric Patients


Healthcare providers are studying whether a mobile health platform can help patients who have undergone bariatric surgery in managing their weight and addressing mental health issues that sometimes appear after the operation. In a study...

STSI Touts mHealth for Cardiovascular Care Management at Home


A connected care platform using clinical grade wearables and an mHealth app can accurately measure cardiovascular “vital signs” at home, according to new research from the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI). In...

mHealth App for HIV Patients Proves the Value of ‘Warm Technology’


An mHealth app designed at the University of Virginia for recently-diagnosed HIV patients not only has improved care management and coordination, but has also helped them suppress the virus. The effectiveness of the PositiveLinks app,...

Telehealth Licensure Compact for Physical Therapists is Ready to Go


Physical therapists in Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee will soon be able to use telehealth to treat patients in other states. The three states will go live on July 9 under the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact, which allows PTs and...

mHealth Researchers Eye the Smartphone as a Zika Detection Device


Researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital are working on mHealth technology that can detect the Zika virus through a smartphone. As reported in the journal ACS Nano, the researchers are developing nanotechnology...

How One Urgent Care Clinic Uses Telehealth to Find its Niche


Health systems often see direct-to-consumer telehealth as a means of competing with retail and stand-alone urgent care services.  Now one Texas-based urgent care network is using virtual care technology to carve its own niche in the...


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