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Five Mobile Device Apps to Watch in 2015

By Vera Gruessner

- The mobile device sector has been growing and affecting a variety of developments in the healthcare industry such as fitness trends and remote monitoring capabilities. The technology markets research company Juniper Research unveiled a report detailing the top five mobile device apps that will change the outcomes in the wireless technology arena throughout 2015.

  1. Apple Watch
Mobile Health Apps

One revolutionary change in the mobile device sector is the Apple Watch. The next big thing is truly the unveiling of a smartwatch. It offers a variety of new functions and capabilities as well as a best-in-class customer experience along with a seamless integration among mobile devices like the smartphone and tablet. The Apple Watch also offers a variety of health-related apps like a fitness tracker, medication adherence, and even resources for meditation or stress measurements.

  1. Intel’s Wearables

A range of chipsets part of Intel’s platform are expected to drive a range of smart, wireless devices this year. From the MICA bracelet, audio under smart headphones, and smart eyewear technology, these wearables will affect a variety of functions among consumers including useful health applications.

  1. Microsoft HoloLens

This latest announcement from Microsoft unveils smart glasses that would allow the customer a variety of experiences including playing Minecraft while riding the train or watching a hockey game while at the park. Wired interviewed Alex Kipman, one of the developers of the Microsoft HoloLens.

“Ultimately, you know, you perceive the world because of light,” Kipman told the source. “If I could magically turn the debugger on, we’d see photons bouncing throughout this world. Eventually they hit the back of your eyes, and through that, you reason about what the world is. You essentially hallucinate the world, or you see what your mind wants you to see.”

  1. GOQii Fitness

This new fitness technology application will be impacting the mobile device apps sector significantly, as it allows users to communicate directly with a coach who can provide the motivation necessary to keep moving. The coach is able to interpret the results provided through the subscription-based app and offers more context for users of the fitness device. This type of capability to connect fitness experts with consumers has been missing in this particular space.

  1. Google-TAG Heuer Smartwatch

This type of smartwatch is particularly revolutionary and exciting for the mobile device apps area. It opens up the smartwatch market for integrating Android Wear and Intel chips. Along with the Apple launch, the mobile device apps market is changing drastically when it comes to smart wear technology.

The report by Juniper Research also touches on the effects of hardware and software in this market. Any major differentiation between hardware of mobile health and fitness devices will likely decline over the next several years while software and services will have more of a divergence between various applications.

The report predicts that, by 2019, more than 70 million accessories will integrate card payments on mobile devices. Over the coming years, more changes are expected for mobile health devices and fitness trackers, as the market continues to expand in variety and grow as a whole.


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