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MAVEN Project Partners With VSee to Boost Telemedicine Platform

The MAVEN Project, a national non-profit offering eConsults to Federally Qualified Health Centers and other safety net providers, is expanding its telemedicine capabilities in a partnership with VSee.

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By Eric Wicklund

- A non-profit that provides eConsults to Federally Qualified Health Centers and other community health clinics is upgrading its telemedicine platform.

The MAVEN (Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network) Project announced a partnership this week with VSee. The deal enables the organization to connect virtual care consults between FQHCs and other safety net clinics with volunteer specialists on a larger telemedicine platform.

“Underserved inner city and rural Americans face critical access to needed health care services,” Lisa Bard Levine, MD, MBA, the group’s CEO, said in a press release. “We believe the most efficient and effective way we can help solve these issues is through digital health.”

The partnership with VSee will allow MAVEN Project volunteers to access new or more advanced telehealth and mHealth functions, including consumer-facing wearable integration, device streaming, image sharing, uncompressed digital stethoscope streaming, telemedicine consent and customizable intake forms and group chat.

Launched in 2014, the Massachusetts-based organization maintains a network of volunteer specialists and doctors to connect with and coach providers working at FQHCs and other community clinics serving underserved populations. The clinician-to-clinician consults are aimed at helping often-overworked and under-resourced doctors and nurses to improve their care management and coordination skills, and to offer guidance on complex or unusual cases.

Roughly one in 15 Americans gets their primary care from a safety net clinic, according to the MAVEN Project. As a result, they’re often subject to long waits for care, especially for specialist consults, and less-than-optimal care for complex and chronic health conditions.

“The MAVEN Project’s volunteer physicians offer what no AI system or medical database can currently offer – human empathy and the art of medicine coupled with years of clinical practice experience,” Levine added in the press release. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with VSee telehealth which has focused on creating physician-friendly technology. VSee’s easy to use telehealth platform is allowing us to bring back into our health system many of our best and most experienced physicians in a meaningful, rewarding and scalable way.”


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