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mHealth and Chronic Care

SIMPRO Project to Use mHealth to Monitor Cancer Patients At Home

October 10, 2018 - Six health systems are launching a program to collect patient-reported data through an mHealth platform to help healthcare providers improve care management and coordination for people undergoing cancer treatment. Coordinated by the National Cancer Institute and the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot Initiative, the SIMPRO Research Center (Symptom Management IMplementation...

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mHealth Devices Are Changing Chronic Care Management Standards

by Eric Wicklund

New research suggests that mHealth is changing the way physicians treat patients with chronic conditions – an outcome that may merit an adjustment in how healthcare providers measure standards of care. Researchers from the...

Hypertension Research Uses mHealth Wearables to Improve Outcomes

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at the University of California San Diego are developing an mHealth platform that can predict a consumer’s blood pressure from wearable data and offer health and wellness advice to keep those readings healthy. Sujit Dey,...

LA Project Uses mHealth Devices to Help Low-Income Kids With Asthma

by Eric Wicklund

A California health plan is launching a new effort to put mHealth devices into the hands of those who need them the most: underserved children. The Blue Shield of California Foundation, a not-for-profit health plan and philanthropic...

Telehealth Can Connect the Dots Between Chronic Pain, Mental Health

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth advocates have argued that a connected health platform can help providers improve care management for patients with chronic pain. A New Jersey-based pain management and neurology clinic is putting that idea to the...

UPMC Applies Telehealth, RPM Tech to Irritable Bowel Syndrome Care

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at UPMC are studying whether a remote patient monitoring program can improve care management for people suffering from a combination of inflammatory bowel Disease (IBD) and behavioral health issues. UPMC’s Center for...

Designing the Ideal Telemedicine Program for Parkinson’s Treatment

by Eric Wicklund

A comprehensive review of telehealth programs serving people with Parkinson’s disease finds that researchers still aren’t certain whether a virtual care program is better than a more reliable office-based visit. Still, the...

Geisinger Patients Find a Comfort Zone With mHealth Wearables

by Eric Wicklund

Geisinger Health System patients enrolled in an mHealth study on pain management are using wearables “consistently and frequently” to document their care, according to an interim analysis released this week. “We are...

KU Uses Telehealth to Tackle Dangerous Post-Transplant Weight Gain

by Eric Wicklund

A telehealth pilot program developed by the University of Kansas Medical Center helped kidney transplant patients reduce weight gain and improve diet and exercise in the crucial months following a transplant, reducing the chances of organ...

Anthem Launches mHealth Program in Ohio for COPD Care Management

by Eric Wicklund

Anthem is launching an mHealth program in Ohio that will use a remote patient monitoring platform to improve care management for members living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio...

Best Buy Targets Senior Telehealth Market with GreatCall Deal

by Eric Wicklund

Another big retailer is looking to develop mHealth tools and services for the senior care space. Best Buy’s planned acquisition of GreatCall gives the Minnesota-based consumer electronics company, which launched its Assured Living...

Seattle Children’s Works to Turn PRISM Program Into an mHealth App

by Eric Wicklund

Physicians at Seattle Children’s Hospital are working to turn a web-based coping program for children with serious illnesses into an mHealth app. Created roughly 10 years ago, the Promoting Resiliency in Stress Management (PRISM)...

Vanderbilt Uses Telemedicine to Extend Transplant Center’s Reach

by Eric Wicklund

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is using telemedicine to extend the reach of its kidney transplant program and give Tennessee residents the opportunity to be screened for a transplant and receive continuing care closer to home. The...

Geisinger Builds an mHealth Platform for Asthma Care Management

by Eric Wicklund

Pennsylvania’s Geisinger Health System has partnered with pharma giant AstraZeneca to develop an mHealth platform to improve care management and coordination for people with asthma. The connected health suite includes an mHealth app...

Using mHealth as a Care Management Tool for Bariatric Patients

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers are studying whether a mobile health platform can help patients who have undergone bariatric surgery in managing their weight and addressing mental health issues that sometimes appear after the operation. In a study...

FDA Approves Implantable mHealth Sensor for Diabetes Care Management

by Eric Wicklund

Federal officials have given the green light to an implantable mHealth device designed to help people with diabetes and their caregivers remotely monitor blood glucose levels. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the...

Medicare Advantage Members Are Using mHealth, But Their Plans Aren’t

by Eric Wicklund

Medicare Advantage members are using mHealth tools to monitor chronic health conditions. However, the same can’t be said for their health plans. That disparity was picked up in HealthMine’s Medicare Report, based on a 2017...

Hospitals Turn to Telehealth to Connect With Transplant Patients

by Eric Wicklund

The success of a telehealth program for people on home dialysis is prompting the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Medicine to expand its horizons to transplant patients. UAB officials recently announced that the health...

mHealth Gives Clinicians a Platform for Managing Rare Diseases

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers who treat patients with Marfan syndrome are hoping a new mHealth platform will help them improve care management and coordination – and give researchers access to digital health data to study the rare...

Mayo Clinic Uses An mHealth App to Identify Epileptic Seizures

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at the Mayor Clinic are reporting success with an mHealth app that can diagnose epilepsy. The EpiFinder app reportedly correctly identified epilepsy or offered an accurate alternative diagnosis in almost 87 percent of the...


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