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Store-and-Forward Telehealth

New Telehealth Bills Address Coverage, Store-and-Forward, RPM

February 12, 2019 - Lawmakers in several states are pushing forward with bills to amend existing telehealth and telemedicine rules – most notable changing them to improve payer coverage and include remote patient monitoring and asynchronous (store-and-forward) platforms. The latest state to join the effort is New Mexico, where the state Senate’s Public Affairs Committee was scheduled today to...

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Arizona Lawmakers Look to Expand Telemedicine Definition, Coverage

by Eric Wicklund

Arizona lawmakers are moving forward with proposed legislation that would expand coverage for telemedicine include more healthcare services, including asynchronous telehealth and remote patient monitoring. The state Senate and House...

ND Lawmakers Amend Bill to Support Store-and-Forward Telemedicine

by Eric Wicklund

North Dakota lawmakers are working on an amended telemedicine bill that would allow healthcare providers in the state to establish a doctor-patient relationship with new patients through asynchronous (store-and-forward) technology. The...

CMS Code Gives Docs a Chance to Use Store-and-Forward Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers looking for new ways to implement telehealth and telemedicine are getting a Christmas present from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: a new code for asynchronous (store-and-forward) telehealth...

Providence Targets Patient Demand With Store-and-Forward Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

A Pacific Northwest health system has launched an on-demand mHealth app that’s designed to give consumers quick access to care for common health issues. Providence Health & Services recently rolled out the SmartExam service...

Telehealth Measures Up to The Doctor’s Office in Dermatology Care

by Eric Wicklund

A telehealth program enabling people to access dermatologists through a virtual visit works just as well as an in-person visit to the doctor’s office, according to a study conducted by the University of Southern California’s...

Methodist Chooses Asynchronous For Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

When Methodist Family Health Centers launched an asynchronous consumer-facing telehealth platform at the beginning of this year, they were more than happy to skip the video.  “It’s better for everyone,” says George...

Payer Launches Store-and-Forward Telehealth Service for Businesses

by Eric Wicklund

An Oregon-based health plan is launching an asynchronous telehealth service to large businesses to help employees get medical advice and prescriptions for common non-acute health issues. Cambia Health Solutions, a Portland-based...

VA Project Uses Telemedicine Tablets to Treat Veterans at Home

by Eric Wicklund

A tablet equipped with store-and-forward mHealth technology is helping Veterans’ Affairs doctors in San Diego improve clinical outcomes for veterans with chronic wounds. It’s one of several mHealth and telehealth projects at...

Store-and-Forward Telehealth Service Replaces the Office Visit

by Eric Wicklund

Rush University Medical Center has launched a store-and-forward telemedicine platform for non-emergency cases, giving patients an effective alternative to the doctor’s office or retail clinic visit. Rush SmartExam is the...

mHealth Group Wants to Define Store-And-Forward Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

mHealth proponents have drafted a definition for “asynchronous” telehealth, and they’re hoping federal officials will use it when dealing with MACRA issues and CPT codes. The Connected Health Initiative (CHI), a group...

Arkansas Still Struggling with Telehealth Regulations

by Eric Wicklund

Arkansas is moving toward legislation that would enable healthcare providers to treat first-time patients via telehealth – though those patients would still have to be sitting in a healthcare facility to take advantage of the...

Telehealth Terminology: ‘Store-and-Forward’ Has its Fans - And Critics

by Eric Wicklund

The ongoing battle in Arkansas over new telemedicine guidelines is shining a spotlight on “store and forward” technology. Long considered the alternative to real-time (or live interactive) telemedicine, store and forward (or...


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