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ATA Task Force to Study Environmental Effects of Telemedicine

June 21, 2017 - Can telemedicine help reduce global warming? The American Telemedicine Association will be asking that question, and many more, as it launches a task force to determine how telemedicine impacts climate change. Some telehealth and telemedicine programs have included environmental impact in their studies, measuring a new service’s impact on travel. Earlier this year, researchers at the...

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The Secret to Sustainability in Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers often launch a direct-to-consumer telehealth service in hopes of pulling in new patients. A new study now estimates how much business that platform might generate. A health system launching a virtual care platform can expect...

EHR Integration, Analytics Lead Hospitals to Enterprise Telehealth

by Thomas Beaton

Telehealth and telemedicine for many hospitals is moving from a departmental approach to a more centralized method that allows hospitals to capitalize on EHR integration and analytics-driven decision making. A new report from REACH Health found...

83% of Healthcare Orgs to Invest in Telehealth, mHealth Tools

by Thomas Beaton

Eighty-three percent of healthcare organizations responding to a American Telemedicine Association (ATA) poll said they are highly likely to invest in telehealth with operational efficiency and convenience in mind. Of the 171 healthcare executives...

AHRQ Seeks Data on Telehealth Value for Acute, Chronic Care

by Eric Wicklund

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is looking for more evidence that telehealth can help in the management of patients with acute and chronic conditions. The agency is looking for “scientific information submissions”...

Defining Digital Health: What Makes an ‘Effective’ mHealth Program?

by Eric Wicklund

How does the healthcare system measure the effectiveness of a digital health program? The Connected Health Initiative, which last year sought a consensus definition for asynchronous telemedicine, is ready to tackle more confusing mHealth...

Big Business is Bullish on Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Almost every big business in the United States will make telehealth available to its employees within four years, according to a national survey. Whether those employees take advantage of that service is another matter. The much-anticipated Large...

Letter: Telemedicine’s Value to Medicare Has Been Proven

by Eric Wicklund

A who’s who of telemedicine advocates is urging those in charge of the federal purse strings to be more creative in assessing the technology’s benefits on Medicare. In a brief letter to the Congressional Budget Office and the Medicare...

ATA to Doctors: Let’s Prove Telemedicine’s Value

by Eric Wicklund

Telemedicine may be “moving from the periphery to the mainstream” in healthcare, but it will be physicians who take the concept to new heights. The American Telemedicine Association kicked off its 21st annual conference and trade...

Telehealth Helps Houston FD Improve 911 Efficiency

by Eric Wicklund

The Houston Fire Department is using a telemedicine platform to screen 911 calls before they become unnecessary ER visits. Called Project Ethan (Emergency TeleHealth And Navigation), the platform links the city’s fire and rescue first-responders...

Is Anyone Taking mHealth Seriously?

by Eric Wicklund

Maybe consumers aren’t mad enough to want mHealth. That might explain, in part, why almost 40 percent of consumers in a recent HealthMine survey said they don’t know what telemedicine is – yet 93 percent of the respondents who...

How Telemedicine Saved One VA Hospital $64K A Year

by Eric Wicklund

A rural New England VA hospital is saving roughly $64,000 a year in travel costs through telemedicine, according to a recent study. That figure makes up less than 4 percent of the total travel budget of the VA Hospital in White River Junction,...

Has Telemedicine Proven its Value?

by Eric Wicklund

Does telemedicine increase healthcare costs rather than reducing them? A recent meeting of the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee raised that question, during a discussion of why more doctors aren’t using the technology. One theory is...

Do Retail Clinics Actually Increase Healthcare Costs?

by Eric Wicklund

A new study questions whether retail clinics are driving up healthcare costs – and perhaps even creating a nation of wimps. The study, by the RAND Corporation, found that consumers with low-severity illnesses who had access to a retail...

Report: Telehealth Will Be a Billion-Dollar Industry By 2018

by Eric Wicklund

Investment in on-demand healthcare – whether it’s online, on a smartphone or in a retail clinic – is expected to quadruple in the next few years. A report issued today by Accenture finds that five factors are driving adoption...

Telemedicine Offers New Benefits for Schools

by Eric Wicklund

If you’re looking for the ROI in school-based telemedicine, don’t limit yourself to clinical outcomes. That’s the lesson being learned with the Telehealth for Tots clinic at Stephensville Elementary School, one of the more remote...

New Survey Questions the Value of Virtual Visits to Patients, Doctors

by Eric Wicklund

A small study of patients suffering from severe acne has found that they’d prefer to see their doctors online for monthly checkups – but they wouldn’t pay much for the convenience. The survey, conducted by researchers at the...


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