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Tomorrow: Telehealth to Feature in Public Senate Hearing

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telehealth will have a moment on the national stage as US Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet, leads a Senate hearing about the impact and future of remote...

Telemedicine Maturity Adoption Model Unveiled at HIMSS15

by Jennifer Bresnick

Ernst & Young, in conjunction with industry telemedicine experts, have developed a telemedicine maturity adoption model intended to help plot a course towards robust, cost-effective remote care.  The model, announced at HIMSS15 in...

What Do New Texas Telehealth Rules Mean for Remote Care?

by Jennifer Bresnick

Texas is taking a harder line on telehealth than some retail corporations could wish, effectively ending a tussle between the Lone Star State and Teladoc, which hoped to expand its remote care services into the region without the...

Telehealth and mHealth Key for Strategic Planning, Triple Aim

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telehealth and mHealth are key competencies for healthcare organizations attempting to meet the goals of the Triple Aim, HIMSS15 attendees are demonstrating this week.  As patient engagement and satisfaction have a greater impact on...

$900,000 TPCA Telehealth Grant Advances Physician Access

by Jacqueline DiChiara

If money is power, telehealth technology is royally cashing in via a substantial financial push to increase its priority level within the healthcare industry. The Tennessee Primary Care Association (TPCA) recently received a nine hundred...

A Preview of mHealth and Telemedicine Sessions at HIMSS15

by Ryan Mcaskill

With HIMSS 2015 right around the corner, those attending need to take the time to look through the numerous educational sessions that are available to figure out which one best meet their interests. Here, you will be able to find a recap...

Quality Broadband an Important Tool for mHealth

by Ryan Mcaskill

Some of the most followed news in the healthcare industry is new legislation being debated across the country that focuses on telehealth reimbursement and expanding or limiting the services allowed. Positive outcomes to these bills will...

Audit of VA Telehealth Shows Shortfalls

by Ryan Mcaskill

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is one of the major organizations that is embracing telehealth solutions. Over the last few months, there has been several news releases from the VA that show the expanded use of the technology to...

ATA Announces First Online Patient Consultation Accreditation

by Ryan Mcaskill

In December 2014, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) announced it had created an accreditation for eligible telemedicine providers. The hope is that this Seal of Accreditation will help distinguish successful applicants from other...

Montana Debates Telehealth Abortion Ban

by Ryan Mcaskill

The up-and-down journey of telemedicine legislation across the country continues to be a focus as new bills are presented and voted on that will either expand or restrict the uses of telehealth services. One of the more recent ones...

Colorado Governor Signs Bill to Expand Telehealth Services

by Vera Gruessner

More states are leading the way in telemedicine improvements. On March 20, Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado signed a bill into law to expand telehealth services across the state, according to the Denver Business...

Ark. House of Representatives Nixes Telemedicine Bill

by Jennifer Bresnick

Telemedicine vendors in Arkansas will have to reevaluate their business plans after the state’s House of Representatives quashed a proposal allowing private companies to enlist licensed Arkansas physicians to deliver remote...

Could Telehealth Help Reform the SGR?

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new Sustainable Growth Rate reform plan has a heavy focus on telehealth services. With every technological innovation there is a proof of concept phase that needs to be accomplished before it is widely embraced by the enterprise. During...

Changing Communication Key to Updating Healthcare

by Ryan Mcaskill

In an interview, Dr. Vince Friedewald spoke about the changes in heathcare and how mobile devices factor in. There are a number of ways that mobile devices are impacting the healthcare world. Not only are they helping at the point of...

Telehealth a Part of CMS Proposed Next Generation ACO Model

by Ryan Mcaskill

The proposed Next Generation ACO model will increase the reimbursement rate of telehealth services for Medicare beneficiaries. One of the biggest hurdles to the widespread adoption of telehealth services is less than desirable...

Telehealth Tools Impact the Clinical Trials Sector

by Vera Gruessner

The discovery and approval process of drug development can often span many years and clinical study researchers as well as sponsors and medical technology innovators are coming together to reduce this gap. On February 18, many...

VA Expands its Use of mHealth Strategies

by Ryan Mcaskill

Through mobile devices and telehealth solutions, the VA is expanding its use of mHealth services. Last week, we reported on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) budget submission for the fiscal year 2016. The numbers show that the...

State Licensing a Major Hurdle for Telehealth

by Ryan Mcaskill

Inconsistencies between states when it comes to medical licenses hampering telemedicine adoption. One of the biggest challenges to any form of technological and industry innovation is government regulation and policy. Traditionally,...

Colorado Telehealth Legislation Moves to Governor’s Desk

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

After passing the Colorado House of Representatives and Senate, an important piece of telehealth legislation now awaits the signature of the state's governor to become law. In late January, the telehealth bill (HB 15-1029) for...

Telehealth Intervention Cuts Hospital Readmissions by 31%

by Jennifer Bresnick

A behavioral telehealth management program delivered over a two-month period helped to cut the number of hospital admissions for cardiac patients by nearly a third, reports a study published in the American Journal of Managed Care. ...


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