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Patient Engagement

Mobile Health Tools Improve Engagement in Spina Bifida Patients

by Vera Gruessner

As manufacturers and entrepreneurs continue to create new and innovative technologies to benefit the healthcare industry, more evidence is found that mobile health tools strengthen patient engagement with their own health and wellness. For instance,...

New Legislation could be ‘Breakthrough’ for Medical Devices

by Vera Gruessner

Does healthcare legislation cause undue burdens on physicians and other medical providers? Do new regulations surrounding medical devices and technologies cause more problems for doctors around the country? For instance, hospitals and clinics...

Remote Monitoring Advances Care for Baby Boomer Population

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry is facing a large number of challenges over the coming years, including doctor shortages, the onslaught of federal regulations such as meaningful use incentives, the recently implemented ICD-10 coding system, and the rising...

Should Clinical Trials Include the Patient Experience?

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry is focused on improving the patient experience across the board by ensuring patients understand all of their treatment options and receive the opportunity to rate their hospital services. Promoting both engagement and...

Digital Technology Field Could Improve Fitness among Children

by Vera Gruessner

Today, digital technologies like smartphones and tablets have been integrated in a wide array of day-to-day activities among multiple generations. While the workforce uses smartphones to keep track of their daily schedule and communicate with...

Patient Engagement Key to ACO Development, Telemedicine

by Vera Gruessner

Patient engagement and the patient experience continues to be a key aspect of healthcare reform throughout hospitals and clinics around the country. As medical care providers move toward value-based care and develop Accountable Care Organizations...

Patient Engagement Initiatives Draw Interest in Louisiana

by Vera Gruessner

As the healthcare industry adopts remote monitoring technologies, health IT systems, electronic patient records, and mobile devices as a way to improve the quality of medical care, the patient population will need to better understand the needs...

How the Telehealth Field Strengthens Patient Engagement

by Vera Gruessner

The telehealth field has been expanding significantly across the healthcare spectrum and making a real impact on patient access to care. For instance, individuals who lived in rural towns far away from medical hubs now have access to healthcare...

Patient Engagement on the Rise due to Blue Button Initiative

by Vera Gruessner

Patient engagement continues to grow among medical facilities including hospitals and clinics. Ever since the federal government established meaningful use requirements under the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs, eligible hospitals...

Only 45% of Diabetes Patients Use Mobile Health Tools

by Vera Gruessner

Chronic medical conditions may be better managed with the help of mobile health tools and other technologies. Today, many patients around the country are suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and a wide myriad of chronic health conditions....

Patient Engagement, Coordination Key to Healthcare Reform

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry has been transformed in recent years due to ongoing reforms and medical technology adoption. Patient engagement, for instance, has been a key aspect of healthcare reform. Meaningful use requirements under the Medicare...

How the FDA is Transforming Patient Engagement Policies

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry is truly focused on direct patient care and ensuring that families, caregivers, and patients are satisfied with the services of the medical field. As such, patient engagement plays an imperative role in ensuring the health,...

What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Patient Engagement?

by Vera Gruessner

Today, many industries focus their energies on strengthening consumer engagement with their products and services. Whether it’s through social media websites, mobile apps, viral videos, or traditional commercials, companies across the globe...

Could a Population Health System Improve Patient Engagement?

by Vera Gruessner

Patient engagement remains a stronghold on the healthcare industry, as it is thought to lead to better health outcomes due to greater education and knowledge on the part of the patient. By adhering to medications and treatments while also ensuring...

How Mobile Devices Connect Patients to Hospital Providers

by Vera Gruessner

The mobile health field has brought a variety of different technologies to the medical industry. Mobile devices used in healthcare work toward achieving the Triple Aim – improved patient outcomes, better quality of care, and lower medical...

Remote Monitoring, Wearables, and Telehealth Boost Care

by Vera Gruessner

The mobile health industry is affecting how this country is managing the health and wellness of its population in a variety of ways. For instance, wearable devices and remote monitoring tools aggregate a large amount of patient data and offer...

How Patient Engagement Policies Increase Portal Use

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry is moving forward into a new generation of patient care focused on new technologies, mobile health tools, remote monitoring, accountable care, and patient engagement. In fact, patient engagement policies and the implementation...

Patient Engagement Initiatives Driving Healthcare Trends

by Vera Gruessner

Patient engagement initiatives continue to be major drivers of healthcare reform across the country. From mobile health apps and telehealth technology to patient portals and mobile devices, the medical field is poised to improve the quality of...

Chronically Ill, Ordinary Consumer Need Patient Engagement

by Vera Gruessner

The healthcare industry has been determined to meet a number of different meaningful use objectives under the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs. The implementation of EHR systems and telehealth technology have all been made toward...

Does the Mobile Health Field Help Prevent Heart Disease?

by Vera Gruessner

The mobile health field has a wide variety of applications for medical care across the nation. These mHealth apps include fitness trackers, remote monitoring tools, secure messaging between patients and providers, and symptom checkers among others....


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