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Telehealth Platforms Move From Connected Care to Connected Health

October 16, 2018 - The value of a connected care platform lies in connecting everyone to that platform. In telehealth and telemedicine programs, this means adopting an enterprise-wide strategy. As healthcare providers and executives converge on Boston this week for several conferences, headlined by Partners Healthcare’s Connected Health Conference and Xtelligent Healthcare Media’s Value-Based...

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Duke Affirms Cost Savings from Physical Therapy Via Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers saved almost $2,750 per patient by using telehealth instead of in-person treatment for post-discharge physical therapy after knee replacement surgery, according to researchers at Duke University. The long-awaited...

Avera Adding 24/7 Telemental Health to eCARE Telemedicine Platform

by Eric Wicklund

Avera Health is using a grant of almost $8 million to expand its telehealth platform to support a 24-hour telemental health service. Announced on World Mental Health Day, the Sioux Falls, S.D.-based health system is getting $7.8 million...

SIMPRO Project to Use mHealth to Monitor Cancer Patients At Home

by Eric Wicklund

Six health systems are launching a program to collect patient-reported data through an mHealth platform to help healthcare providers improve care management and coordination for people undergoing cancer treatment. Coordinated by the...

mHealth Gives Providers Quick Access to Decision Support Resources

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers who access clinical decision support through mHealth platforms are finding a world of information at their fingertips – and they could be saving lives. That’s the takeaway from researchers at the Scripps...

Telemedicine Network Helps Virginia Hospitals Coordinate Care

by Eric Wicklund

A new telemedicine platform is giving northern Virginia’s Culpeper Medical Center the opportunity to triage patients with cardiac or vascular issues before sending them, if necessary, on to the experts at UVA Medical...

Choosing the Right mHealth Devices For a Pediatric Telehealth Program

by Eric Wicklund

Pediatricians see telehealth as an opportunity to replicate the office exam at home – a more comfortable environment for both the child and the parents. But the success of the virtual visit hinges on capturing accurate patient...

Is Convenience a Problem for Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth Programs?

by Eric Wicklund

Healthcare providers treating people with respiratory tract infections through a direct-to-consumer telehealth platform tend to speed up the visit by prescribing antibiotics, according to two studies. And those providers are also getting...

Telehealth Provider Joins Global Effort to Curb Antibiotic Resistance

by Eric Wicklund

One of the nation’s largest telehealth providers is joining a global effort to reduce antibiotic resistance. California-based Doctor On Demand is pledging to reduce antibiotic prescription rates for acute upper respiratory...

HHS Grants to Help Native Americans Expand Telehealth Resources

by Eric Wicklund

Federal officials are earmarking more than $50 million to expand telehealth programs and other healthcare service to help American Indian and Alaska Native tribes address opioid abuse. The funding, through the Health and Human Services...

New Bill Targets Medicaid Coverage of Maternity Telehealth Programs

by Eric Wicklund

Congress is considering new legislation to strengthen Medicaid support for maternity care programs delivered through telemedicine. The Maximizing Outcomes for Moms through Medicaid Improvement and Enhancement of Services (MOMMIES)...

UPMC Applies Telehealth, RPM Tech to Irritable Bowel Syndrome Care

by Eric Wicklund

Researchers at UPMC are studying whether a remote patient monitoring program can improve care management for people suffering from a combination of inflammatory bowel Disease (IBD) and behavioral health issues. UPMC’s Center for...

Designing the Ideal Telemedicine Program for Parkinson’s Treatment

by Eric Wicklund

A comprehensive review of telehealth programs serving people with Parkinson’s disease finds that researchers still aren’t certain whether a virtual care program is better than a more reliable office-based visit. Still, the...

Telehealth Providers Look to Expand Their International Presence

by Eric Wicklund

One of the nation’s largest telehealth providers is expanding its platform to offer connected care services to multinational companies, Americans living abroad and those going on vacation outside the US. Teladoc Health’s new...

Fitbit Launches a Connected Health Platform for mHealth Coaching

by Eric Wicklund

Fitbit is launching a telehealth platform designed to offer coaching and support for healthcare providers, employers and others using mHealth devices in connected health programs. With the launch of Fitbit Care, the California-based...

HHS Makes a Pitch for Telemedicine in Substance Abuse Treatment

by Eric Wicklund

The Health and Human Services Department wants to remind everyone that telemedicine can be an important tool in treating people with addiction and substance abuse issues. In a blog timed to coincide with Prescription Opioid and Heroin...

New Bill Takes Aim at Originating Site Restrictions for Telehealth

by Eric Wicklund

Even as new legislation to tackle the nation’s opioid abuse epidemic snakes its way through Capitol Hill, members of Congress are introducing new bills designed to make telehealth and telemedicine a pivotal tool for Medicaid-based...

Occupational Therapists Find Scant Support for Telehealth Adoption

by Eric Wicklund

Telehealth has the potential to help many healthcare specialties, including occupational therapy. But the path to launching a connected health platform isn’t that easy. That’s what Cynthia Abbott-Gaffney discovered. A...

House Bill Seeks Medicaid Support for Expanding Telehealth Services

by Eric Wicklund

As Congress lurches toward voting on legislation to tackle the nation’s opioid crisis, a bill newly introduced in the House aims to help state Medicaid programs use telehealth to treat people with substance abuse issues. Rep Ben Ray...

The MAVEN Project Gives Busy Health Clinics a Telehealth Resource

by Eric Wicklund

A network of volunteer physicians is using telehealth to provide consults and mentorship to where it’s needed the most – health clinics serving the underserved. The volunteers offer their services for free under the MAVEN...


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